5 Flowers Best for Romantic Occasions

They say that if you can’t say it with words, say it with flowers. After all, the gesture of giving flowers is a thoughtful one that goes beyond the bouquet in the beautiful box or gift wrapping. Flowers are not just given to lovers; you can give them to say thank-you, to wish someone well on a birthday, to mark an anniversary, or even simply to welcome someone home.

Of course, it goes without saying that most people do believe that flowers should be given with romantic intentions. It is evident in modern culture that many romantic occasions call for flowers. They are not limited to Valentine’s Days–couples will often give flowers on birthdays, anniversaries, even monthsaries. The greatest display of love in front of God also merits flowers–in the form of a wedding day bouquet and floral arrangements in the temple or church.

But if you’re just trying to be romantic, it’s best to make sure that the flowers you’re giving rely convey your lovey-dovey intentions. These days, you can easily buy flowers online. Delivery is also an option so that you can surprise your special someone at work or at home–the florist will take care of it all and you don’t need to deal with the traffic.

So which flowers should you give to your special someone? Here are the top 5 flowers best for romantic occasions. Of course, you need not strictly adhere to these suggestions. You can always find out what your significant other’s favorite flower is and work from there or you can go online and have your loved ones to have flowers online delivery. After all, it’s the thought that counts, so as long as you make an effort in arranging for the bouquet, you are sure to get the delighted reaction you’re anticipating!

1) Roses. You can never go wrong with deep, dark, luscious red roses. Whether it’s a bouquet of three, twelve, or a single perfect stem, this is a classic romantic flower for a very good reason.

2) Stargazers. These ones are not as impressive as a luscious red rose, but they are equally intricate and a tad bit more unusual. This says that you thought about your bouquet and wanted to be thoughtful but out of the box.

3) Lilies. These flowers are often used in weddings, so they can be so romantic. A bundle of fresh, white lilies tied together with a ribbon is absolutely perfect to show your love.

4) Orchids. Another unusual type of flower, orchids are valued by many for their beautiful color and the way they look when made into an arrangement.

5) Sunflowers. Best reserved for the little miss sunshine in your life, sunflowers are beautiful and unusual, and have a happier meaning than a romantic one.