5 Ways to Avoid Mosquitos

Mosquitoes may be tiny and while some of the species are annoying—leaving weals and itchy bites and red patches all over your skin—some could be downright scary, as carriers of diseases like dengue or malaria. While dengue and malaria are both treatable diseases, treatment—especially for kids—may be administered too late and lead, in extreme cases, to death.

To kill mosquitoes is simple and easy. But prevention is an even better skill. So here are five ways through which you can avoid mosquitoes and make your home mosquito-free:

  1. Mosquitoes are at home the most in many tropical countries or countries that experience a significant amount of rainfall every year. Stagnant water is the breeding ground of most mosquitoes. So keep containers everywhere sealed. Otherwise, you could be sustaining their habitat and opening your home to the pesky little bugs.
  2. Get your doors and windows screened. This keeps mosquitoes from entering your home at will. This way, you can sleep easy come bedtime, knowing you will not have to wake up in the middle of the night to find itchy mosquito bites all over your arms and legs.
  3. Good ventilation gets rid of mosquitoes. If you love spending time in any particular part of your home, make sure the space is well-ventilated. The circulation of air prevents mosquitoes from landing on you and making a meal out of your arm or neck or leg.
  4. Keep fish as pets. Some fish eat mosquito larvae and thus help keep the mosquito population in your home down. Just make sure to find the right kinds of fish. Some say catfish are ideal, along with most fishes that treat mosquito larva as part of their regular diet.
  5. Wear repellants. This is one way for you to avoid dreaded mosquito bites. A repellant ensures you will not have to worry about itchy bites or contracting malaria or dengue because you are already protected. However, make sure you apply the repellant regularly, especially if you plan on spending a long time in places where mosquitoes thrive—maybe you are backpacking through the mountains, for instance or spending a few hours in the garden to read, where the vegetation may provide natural cover for mosquitoes—so be sure to apply the repellant generously and maybe keep a bottle or two in reserve.

There are plenty of ways through which you can avoid these bugs. However, sometimes you may not have a choice. To kill mosquitoes may be unpleasant—especially true when you swat them with your hand and they explode into a mess on your arm or leg—but it is necessary. So try to work on your aversion. Otherwise, you may find yourself hesitating too much that you miss the chance to crush one or two, allowing them to come back and bite you at a later date.