7 Ways to Enjoy Cold Bean Curd

Cold bean curd is a great dessert. It’s an easy mix of protein and glucose, and a favorite dessert for young and old people alike. Here are 7 ways you could spice up this old-time favorite and still be able to enjoy the familiar taste of cold bean curd on your table:

  • Add sugar syrup

In some cultures, cold bean curd is traditionally eaten with sugar syrup. It tastes great, especially as a breakfast to midmorning snack. It’s often popular with kids because of its sweetness—some add more than the regular dose of sugar syrup to make the dessert sweeter—and a favorite for those on-the-go like students and the working crowd because it’s easy to eat, accessible and gives your system an instant energy boost because of the sugar.

Cold bean curd with soymilk is a creamy, healthy treat. And because soymilk comes in different flavors, you can experiment with many variants. A choco-addict? Just add some choco soymilk for your choco bean curd fix. Want some vanilla? That’s available too. There are even malt-flavored soymilk brands so you have quite a lot to choose from.

  • Eat with jelly

There’s coffee jelly and tapioca and even pearls that burst on your tongue with the slightest pressure. Whichever jelly you favor, make sure you get the type that’s compatible with the taste of cold bean curd.

  • Dress it up with fruits

Aside from cold bean curd, Singaporeans also love fruits. So if you something else than just plain ol’ bean curd, then you can mix into it some of your favorite fruits. Melons are a popular choice as well as peach and even durian whenever it’s in season.

  • Add a bit ofcoffee creamer

Coffee creamer, whether the kind that comes in powder or liquid form, adds great taste to a cold bean curd.

  • With chili sauce

If you like your cold bean curd on this side of spicy, then adding in some chili sauce will do the trick. This is a great mix for those who like their desserts healthy and unsweetened.

  • With whipped cream

Whipped cream is a great complement to many things and one of these things are cold bean curd. For those who love their bean curds extra creamy, a dollop or two or more of whipped cream works wonders.