A Place to Stay this Chinese New Year: Points to Consider

Travelling to Singapore this coming Chinese New Year? You might want to consider planning and book your hotels ahead of time. In doing so, making unnecessary adjustments during the day of your tour will be minimized. You may find that these days, there are already a lot of hotel promotion available online. But as experience have probably proved true to travellers in each of us, choosing the best place to stay is definitely one of the most daunting task to take charge of. What with the differences in taste and travel specifics of your guests on top of the itinerary that you plan to go along with it? In order to help you decide, here are some pointers to consider.


First thing to consider is the location. You do not want spending more time getting to and from your hotel to the places where you are travelling to, especially if you are in a tour. Choosing a location at the heart of the tourist spots usually does the trick, it will not just help you save some travel time but situating yourself in an area used to entertain tourist can also help you get good recommendations and travel trips.


Once you finalized your location, the next thing to consider is your budget. If you are getting funds from a company or you have just all the money in the world, then skip to next pointers. But most of the usual travellers look for a good place with affordable price. Most of the accommodations within the tourist destinations offer higher prices, but finding the average rent of the places can help you decide which places are worth the price, after all, you still do not want to sacrifice the comforts of your stay for a little amount.


Location, check. Budget, check. How about the place itself? Almost all online sites that features hotel promotion in Singapore includes a gallery of photos. It is important to check those, check for consistency, a site that offers precise information such as the size of the room is a trustworthy source.  Feel the vibe of the place and read the reviews – it always comes in handy to verify what is on the page.

Guest list

After checking the place, it is time to consider your guests. How many are there? Are they willing to share a room or will they prefer to have a solo? What are their specific requirements?


Another factor that travellers mostly ignored are the personnel of the hotel. While booking and making inquiries, you usually communicate with a personnel of the hotel, either to messaging or email exchanges. Take note of the way the personnel answers your inquiries. Does she/he respond truthfully and with the exact information you are looking for? A friendly and reliable personnel usually turns out to be of big help during your stay.

Amenities and Special Offers

This part comes in as a bonus, especially if you are booking a place during an event such as the Chinese New Year. A place offering free breakfast will really ease your travel plans, eliminating the tedious task of picking a place for breakfast.

A place with good Wi-Fi connection really is the best place to stay as you may want to check your itineraries, weather updates, and make social media updates from time to time.

Some hotels also offer hotel wedding packages to your guest. A hotel that is capable of offering such events can attest to the quality of the services it offer.

There you have it. Enjoy your travel and Happy Chinese New Year!