Best Environment Friendly Ideas this 2014

From the humble beginnings of moving towards a greener community, we have encountered a number of sustainable efforts in Singapore. From the government’s efforts in making our city a better environment to live and work in, we can’t help but know that a lot of people might even have better ideas. Then again, a lot of these people feel that they might not be making a difference since only they knew about these ideas. Still, we are very happy to share with you some of the best environment friendly ideas this 2014.

Collecting brown paper bags – you might not be surprised if you were told that brown paper bags are recycled, but be amazed as to the different thing that you can actually do aside from making it into paper bags again: paper mache, paper statues, paper boxes, even turn them into jewelries.

Recycle, or at least, buy recycled items – If you think you need to replace your old living room sofa, why not renovate it instead? Turn yourself into a creative god and let your juices flow. You can also buy recycled goods that may help yourself and the environment as well. If you are into fashion, why not try buying clothes from naturally made fabrics or buy eco-friendly sunglasses made of wood and other sustainable materials.

Natural toiletries and make up – A lot of the available cosmetics and toiletries are downright bad for you. They contain a lot of chemicals which may irritate skin or even cause cancer. What can you do to avoid it? You can check out different websites who share different recipes of body scrubs, lotions, shampoo and even make up using different natural sources such as fruits, vegetables and herbs. Not only are you saving the environment, you’re turning yourself into a real natural diva as well.

Make you house a chemical free zone – Now that you are trying your best to avoid chemicals for your skin and body, soon after you should slowly convert yourself from a chemical cleaning machine to an all-natural and eco-friendly house elf. Clean windows, clothes, and even the bathroom with things like vinegar, coconut soap and other health and earth friendly cleaning agents out there.

If you think that making these small sustainable tips by yourself is not going to be helpful, then you’re wrong, so come on, start living a greener life and try out some of these ideas today.