Buying a House in Watercove Sembawang

Watercove at Sembawang is among the most sought after location in Singapore these days. Situated at the most northern part of Singapore and seated relatively close to Peninsular Malaysia that is Sembawang, the area boasts a wide array of both residential and commercial facilities. From being a naval base in the 20th century to being a well-developed suburban area, industrial and recreational facilities are now surrounding the place, making it an ideal place to settle in. Think history and nature—isn’t that the best combination for a perfect family living?


So If you like peaceful and the serenity of living nearby a beach, then Watercove Sembawang might just be the right place for you. Just imagine park living with your family enjoying the beauty of nature not just on holidays but every single day where you can go canoeing, windsurfing, sailing, fishing, swimming and sunbathing, kite flying, jogging and strolling along the beach, rollerblading and just so much more. But now you ask, sure you want to start a home there, but which type of house should you get for your family? Watercove Sembawang may be a little away from the centre of Singapore, but the evident amount of people moving in is proof that its stillness is something else.


A variety of housing options is now available in for families who would like to live a life graced by verdant greenery, the nest of resort living, and the natural sandy beaches of Sembawang and below are two of the most common types of houses individuals and families look into:


Watercove Landed House. Price is always one of the major considerations when choosing a home but it should not be the hindering factor that will stop you from exploring your options. If you like to have your own indoor and outdoor space, then you might want to consider investing in a landed house. If you want your own pool, a lawn, and a spacious backyard, then go for a landed house. Not only does it give you the luxury of space, it also allows you to remodel or redesign your space according to your heart’s desire.


Watercove Freehold Cluster House. On the other hand, if you like the enjoying the amenities of a condominium and still have a landed house, a cluster house should be right for you. This is one of the most in-demand real estate properties in Singapore right now and it’s not surprising why. You get to enjoy the privacy like that of a detached house and enjoy the comforts of using the facilities that of a condo living. Families who wants to avoid the stresses of outdoor maintenance are among those who invest in this type of property and they sure make an ideal family home.


True enough, there are a lot of things to consider before investing in something as huge as a house. But if you want the calm of the see and the comfort of the greeneries, there is no harm is exploring your options in Watercove Sembawang.