Buying Diamond Jewellery in Singapore

A jewellery is among the best gift anyone can receive. It can be a gift to your parents, loved ones, friends, and even for yourself. There are jeweleries that are simply special because of their beauty and rarity. For example, the blue-purple tanzanite is worth $600-$1000 per carat because of its limited availability. There also other expensive gemstones such as black opal, red beryl, alexandrite, and of course, diamonds.

Diamonds are considered to be among the most valuable gemstones in existence. This mineral has the highest hardness, making it a good investment. For lovers of diamond jewellery in Singapore the city has a lot of stores that offer this rare gemstone.

Diamonds has been popular especially for those who are proposing to their fiance. Diamond rings are among the most valued possession of a lot of people.

There are different qualities of diamonds per color grading. The most expensive color grade is the one that is totally colorless. The colorless one is graded as “D” color. The next grade are the one with minimum trace of color that can be seen only by a grading laboratory or an expert in diamond. The grading of diamonds can reach up to grade N-Y, mostly those that are light yellow or brown in color. Some diamonds can also have color, and these are rare diamonds such as the one in blue or pale pink in color.

For those who love diamond jewellery, Singapore has shops that offer this rare gemstone. From rings to necklaces, to bracelets, these accessories with diamonds are available in many shops. There are diamond jewellery Singapore shops that you can check if you want to purchase diamond accessories, such as Canary Diamond Co., Lee Diamond, H. Sena Jewelry Store, Vivo Diamonds,The Jewel Box Private Jeweller, and Christophe Jewellery Pte Ltd. These shops are among the most trusted in Singapore, with track record of good service in the jewellery industry.

If you are looking for a diamond jewellery, Singapore has a lot of jewellery shops. While there are a lot of trusted jewelry stores, there are still some that may lure you into buying diamonds of low class.

Another good thing about buying from a store that you trust is that they can guide you as to what diamond accessory fits the person that you are giving it to. For example, you are buying an engagement ring, your store of choice should be able to guide you as to what kind of design would make your loved one feel really special.

It is also good to ask these stores if they do custom designing of the diamond jewellery. Through this, the gift will be more personalized for the person you are giving it to.


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