Common Type of Vehicles Used for Airport Transfers

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Travelling is one life pleasure that is too hard to resist. We love going to all these picturesque and captivating places as many and as soon as possible. We’ll work very hard and save all the money just for the sake of making that dream vacation a reality. However, with globalization and the recent cheap fares from airlines, it is not actually hard to pursue this goal during this time. All you need is little cash, a thorough research on your target destination and whole lot of wanderlust for it to happen.


Once we finally achieve this long time wish and we’re off to our desired location, we want to take out all the stress and worries of our daily work and activity and focus on what this trip has to offer. However if you are going to a foreign country, there is that mixed emotion of both excitement and the overwhelming fact that there is a chance of miscommunication due to differences in their language, unfamiliar topography and other factors which can cause inconvenience.


Luckily, there are airport services that can make our journey easier nowadays. We can instantly avoid the hassle and worries of getting through the airport towards our hotel accommodation or destination. There are numerous kinds of airport transfers that tourists may choose depending on the number of people involved in the trip and their budget. Usually, people are looking into airport transfer which has value for their money that is why we’re here to give an idea of the common types of vehicles used for airport transfers that will suit their preference.

sedan - airport transfer

1.)  Cars (Sedan Type) – By renting a private car, there is comfort and privacy. It is ideal for small groups of up to 4 passengers. You may opt to just get a taxi upon exiting the arrivals but it is way to better to get a car which will wait for the guests even if the flights are delayed. If the visitors are well off, they have the option to get a limousine service for a VIP and luxurious welcome. A chauffeur service is a 1st class transfer that will drive their clients in style.

shuttle service - airport transfer

2.) Shuttle – This service is applicable for 10 to 20 travellers. These are spacious people carrier type vehicle in which your mid-range group will surely appreciate.

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3.) BusIf a travel group is made up of 20 persons or more, the need for a bus charter is advised. It is the choice of big groups to avoid any missing participants due to the lack of coordination among the lead guide or travel supervisors. Meanwhile, a minibus charter should be used if the number of guests will just be within the 12-16 range because getting a 30 to 40-seater service will be expensive on the part of the tourist and we don’t want them to feel that they are being robbed. Singapore bus charter is an efficient international bus airport transfer provider.


Whether it is a solo or a large family trip, this airport transfer will surely ease some of the burden of planning a great holiday.