Enjoy the Weekend with Great Food and Even Better Company

After a long week of climbing up the corporate totem pole, taking orders from their egotistic bosses, toppling down mountains of paperwork as well as kicking butts in the morning and taking names in the evening, a lot of people just want to relax, unwind and take a big break every weekend. And that is why they would rather look at the yellow cab menu posted on their refrigerator, call the hotline and have their favourite pizza delivered right on their doorstep than go out with their friends for a night of dancing and partying in the club because they are physically drained and mentally exhausted. But different people are wired differently from one another because no two people are exactly alike and even if there are striking similarities, we are all different from each other in more ways than one just like the beautiful and mesmerizing snowflakes falling down on earth from the heavens above.

And that is why what they do during their free time varies from one person to the next because people have different personalities, hobbies, likes and dislikes. There are foodies out there who always have the munchies and that is why they search far and wide all over the city for the best pizza promotion in Singapore so that they can stuff their faces full, wolf down copious amounts of delicious food as well as satisfy their cravings and insatiable hunger even for just a little while. Some of these people deal with stress and pressure by indulging on their comfort foods like chicken soup, cheeseburgers and candy bars. But there are also those who just love to eat more than the next guy because for them, food is life. 

Jocks and athletes relieve some stress and release their pent-up emotions by playing their favourite sports with their best buddies on weekends because the physical activity, exercise and exertion release endorphins, adrenaline and other hormones that make them feel good about themselves. Some people love to shoot hoops in the basketball court, score game-winning touchdowns in the gridiron and hit a homerun out of the ballpark because they love playing with a team due to the fact that they are not saddled with the selfish desire for personal glory. But there are also those who excel in individual sports like swimming, surfing, boxing and fencing because they want to push themselves past their limits, sharpen their skills and test themselves against the best of the best to see if they have what it takes to be the king of the hill and the top dog in the yard.

And last but certainly not the least, there are couch potatoes and home buddies out there who just want to stay at home, invite their friends over, order some food from the best pizza places in Singapore and enjoy a smashing, good time without leaving the warmth and comfort of their lovely abodes and safe havens. They just want to play video games, watch movies and television shows on Netflix or just engage in meaningful conversation all day long with the people that they hold close and dear to their heart.