Gifting Tips For College Students

You might be a parent who always shows his or her appreciation to his/her child by giving practical gifts to the offspring. Or a generous aunt who always has knickknacks to give to her grown nieces and nephews. Or maybe you are just a thoughtful friend who does not wait for a special occasion to come by to express her gratitude to her friend who is now about to go back to college.  Here are some gift tips for you if the person you’re thinking to send presents to is already in college:

  • You can never go wrong with bags: Is he the typical college boy who wears a back pack anywhere he goes and like to carry all his books around? Or is she that type of girl who would appreciate anything organic and environment friendly like a canvas bag or a non woven bag from Singapore? No one can go wrong with giving bags as a gift to college students because you are assured that the person will use it at one point, in school or elsewhere.
  • A pair of sneakers: College students like to keep it simple but stylish. And for sure, he or she will draw a precious smile on his or her face upon receiving a pair of flats. Sneakers are great gifts to college students as they can go with basically any outfit—and they are good when the student needs to run from one building to another as he tries to make it to the next class. Just make sure to ask for the person’s shoe size and color preference just to make sure the receiver won’t feel disappointed if you got him or her the wrong one.
  • Why not a headphone?: Students in general like listening to good music as they study for their finals or when they feel stressed from all the papers they need to write. A headphone is great gift for sure to get him or her through those hard times when he or she needs to calm himself and keep his or her sanity through listening to good music.
  • Sunglasses: College students need to take care of their eyesight who is prone to eye strains and all. Plus, sunglasses as gifts are always classy. Just make sure to pick the right frame for the face of the person you will gift it to.
  • How about notebooks and notepads: Because who could get through college without those important notes we jot down as the boring professors carry on with a lengthy discussions? Sollen, a mother of 2 college students from Singapore, shared that last semester, she opted to buy some cool notepads and ordered some notebook in a custom printing shop she found online, “I placed some orders with some of their favourite Marvel characters on the cover. I was quite skeptical as they might feel that I was infantilizing them because they are already grown college kids, but my sons actually loved the Captain America and Thor covers of their notebooks.”
  • All sorts of pens and highlighters: Ball points, pencils of different grade, highlighters of different hue—he or she will use it for sure. Pens and highlighters are school necessities and are therefore very practical gifts for students of any level