Here’s How to Spot a Yakitori Restaurant in Singapore

There are numerous ways in which you can cook chicken – you can bake, braise, fry, roast, and stew it. But when all said is eaten, you might get tired of the same old taste. It may be because of the bland texture that rubs inside your mouth and grinds away at your taste buds. With a wide variety of flavours waiting to be discovered, why not make a change in your palette? You may start with an authentic yakitori dish.


What’s yakitori, you ask? It is a Japanese term that literally translates to “grilled chicken on a stick”. There are actually different ways to grill food in Japan, including irori, hibachi, sumibiyaki, teppanyaki, and yakiniku. But what makes yakitori stand out is its ability to produce over 20 distinct skewers from a single chicken. Amazingly delicious, isn’t it?  And you don’t need to travel to Japan to discover its flavourful taste. Yakitori is served in countless Japanese restaurants in Singapore.


This small skewer of chicken is very popular and when you find a good yakitori restaurant in Singapore, you will get to enjoy tender and juicy succulent pieces of meat. There are many types of yakitori to choose from, namely nankotsu, momo, negima, reba, torikawa, and tsukune. If you prefer crunchy texture and little meat, nankotsu is the ideal yakitori for you. But if you want thigh meat, you should go for momo. Pieces of chicken thigh will satisfy your cravings. And there’s reba. While chicken livers isn’t for everyone, you can try it to discover its health benefits.


Where to eat yakitori?

Yakitori is widely served across Singapore. The challenge, however, is to look for an authentic Japanese restaurant. To help your search, here are some tips to guide you:


  • Check out the varieties of yakitori it offers. Does the restaurant feature traditional varieties or offer a set-menu option? You may also want to eat other Japanese dishes, such as bara chirashi, katsu don, ramen gyoza, and unagi fried rice.
  • Consider its location and ambience. It’s understandable that your primary reason for visiting a yakitori restaurant is because you want to taste that charcoal-grilled and heavenly chicken meat. You can’t wait to have it melt in your mouth. Still, location and ambience play a major role, especially if you are going there with your loved one. You might want to enjoy a date night with your partner in a restaurant that’s filled with soft music and dim lighting.
  • Learn how their yakitori is done. As mentioned earlier, yakitori can be done in several ways. So you may want to know if it the yakitori is seasoned with salt or yuzu kosho, brushed with teriyaki sauce, or sprinkled with ponzu.


How to eat yakitori?

Now that you already know how to get your tasty skewered chicken fix, it’s also important to learn how to eat yakitori. While you may have tried authentic Japanese food in Singapore in the past, it’s worthy to note some tips when ordering yakitori, especially if it is your first time. You can choose to season your yakitori with salt or sweet and savory sauce. Prepare to eat them with bare hands. But if you don’t like eating in that manner, you can eat them off the skewer or use your chopsticks to remove it. And don’t forget to add green onions for an extra punch!