Hiring a Singapore Florist? What are the Pros and Cons?

When you’re planning for your wedding, one of the things you have to worry about is the flowers. You’re not just sending an xpress flower this time, you’re getting married. Those flowers will be in your wedding album, in your souvenirs, in the wedding video. You’ll see it for years and years. So it’s important to get the right ones.

Some couples actually just visit several flower shops, and from there, pick what they like, from the flower bouquet to the flower decorations.

However, some couples do find it easier to just hire a florist to take care of the details. Which one are you? Here are a few things to help you settle which side you’re on:


1. Convenience

Hiring a florist is convenient. It’s really someone who knows everything there is to know about flowers so you can ask tell the florist what you want. Would a simple flower bouquet made of petunias be perfect? Or do you want something exotic? Something white and lovely like calla lilies perhaps? Having the expertise of a professional at your disposal—you get to ask as many times as you need—is invaluable because you instantly have access to so many flowers. So this really works if you don’t know anything about blooms.

2. Speedy process

Since a florist—a good one, even an exceptional one—would already have an idea what flower fits your wedding as soon as you describe the kind of tone or ambiance that you want for the wedding, it speeds things up, considerably. There’s no need to spend hours looking for the perfect flower bouquet you want. You tell a florist what you like, the florist shows you many options and you get to choose. That’s all there is.

Life is pretty easy with a florist, especially for couples who are busy with too many wedding preparations. If a florist comes along to take care of the flowers, then this is one worry off their minds. Which is great, because any sort of help is welcome.


There is one con or one negative to hiring a florist though and it’s this: the florist isn’t you. Not all of us are articulate. Not all of us are capable of explaining something perfectly, down to the minute detail. If you’re like that, and you and your partner find yourself having a hard time explaining what you like to your florist, then it’s possible that the florist could make a mistake. That’s the only con so far, the fact that margin for error is there. But then again, with so many things happening all at once in a wedding, sometimes, a little error isn’t so terrible. Sometimes, it’s those errors that make weddings and other celebrations we hold valuable in life memorable.

In the end, hiring a florist or not really depends on what you need and in what ways do you want those needs addressed and fulfilled.