Home Makeover Tips and Design Ideas

Have you ever wondered why people tend to do home makeovers at least year or so? Why do they invest too much on furniture and decorations? Does it really matter how your living room, your kitchen and even your bedroom will look like? Why spend too much on planning and designing your place? Well, for celebrities these makeover things might make sense but for single homeowners, ordinary families, these renovation antics is not a priority; it is a just “want” which suggest you to empty your pockets or better use your “call a friend” hotline to finance the cost.

Home renovations will really cost you a lot of penny especially if you own a big piece of land or has a two to three storey house or building. But how would you feel if I say that home makeover is not just about spending money? Would you still not pursue your “want” to have a nice, big room? a spacious and elegant kitchen? a welcoming living room? I think not.

Doing home makeovers is similar to putting on some make-up. You wear your make-up on to please the people around you or even just to please yourself and be confident that you are beautiful. It gives you a boost of confidence and increases your self-esteem. And of course, there is this self-satisfaction feeling when other people commends on how you look. Who would not want to be adored and praised from all of your effort to look beautifully?

But why liken it to putting make-up on? It will still cost you money, right? Yes, it is. But will it harm your pocket for a dollar price of a lipstick? Just putting some color on to your lips would make a difference on how you look. Putting some make-up on, that is, doesn’t require you to cover up your whole face. It only needs you to clean some blemishes and enhance your assets. What would people say if a gorgeous lady in a dress is walking on the street with a full make-up face on a bright, sunny day? Sometimes over the top preparations and designs would kill the purpose of why you’re doing a home or face makeover, for this case. Home makeover is similar to that. Why do an overall renovation if only the kitchen area needs to be enhanced while all other sections or areas are all good. The secret to home makeover is a good eye for design, playful attitude and some touch of resourcefulness and creativity.

Here are some home makeover and design ideas for your eyes to feast.

  1. Wardrobe Sliding Door

Some girls would like to have their clothes stacked and pilled neatly. How much more if you can choose and get your OOTD effortlessly? Changing your wardrobe into a sliding door would make clothes picking a lot easier.

  1. Kitchen Cabinet Design

Why not put some warm and colorful hue to your kitchen cabinet? There are a lot of simple kitchen cabinet design idea that you could choose from. You can change the nobs into some with colored prints or intricate design. You may opt to have a sliding door kitchen cabinet or even have a retractable or rotating cabinet for your glasses, cups and other utensils. A kitchen cabinet design idea that is simple and also refreshing to the eye.

  1. Bed Frame Book shelves

Book lovers would want this bedroom design idea. Putting some shelves for books on one part of your bed case/ bed frame is an excellent space saving idea. If it is a double-deck bed, you can add the shelves on the steps if you like.

  1. Rotating Shoe Cabinet

Shoes are a must have for trendsetters like us. An OTTD would be incomplete without some fancy and comfortable shoes on. What if you put some of your shoes in a rotating cabinet where you can easily grab one? Wouldn’t that be great?

  1. Living Room Accessories

Have you tried going shopping in a thrift shop? You’ll be amazed to find some unique and rustic finds that you can use as decorations. They have variety of home decors ranging from colored bottles, unique-shaped vases, hand-stitched sofa covers, antique candle holders and a lot more.

There’s no need to spend much for home renovations if you only need little repairs and enhancement. Try to make use of your resourceful and creative juices now!