How To Hit Big With DotA 2 Predictions

Singapore is warming up to esports and esports betting. Take the upcoming SEA Games and its Singaporean esports organization Resurgence as examples. DotA 2, specifically, is getting big attention in the country as more and more people earn money through DotA 2 predictions. If you want to join the hype and get rich, now’s the time to start.

Watch Out For Roster Changes

Roster changes are massive, and they happen all the time. It doesn’t matter if a team is always an underdog or top-performing, there are always a season where they have to do some roster changes. That’s why you should always watch out for the current members of the team competing for a prestigious season because each individual player can affect your DotA 2 betting predictions.

Schedule Of The Tournament

The schedule of the tournament determines the capabilities and consistencies of the teams competing, so it can help you make accurate DotA 2 predictions. This could ultimately affect everything because you’ll be able to track how well they perform in a series of events. Can the team handle a series of continuous gameplay, or they’ll run out of magic in the end?

Always Research Before The Tournament

Know the game, know the teams, know the players. Go as far as following the roster changes. It is important to understand what’s going on because your money or Bitcoins are at stake here. The most credible platforms that carry all the resources you need are Twitch,, and Liquipedia. There are specific DotA 2 pages from these platforms that can help you in your research.

Observe the Betting Odds

Odds shift are common in the gambling world, especially competitions between two teams. By comparing the odds before the matches, you can stay ahead of the sportsbook and other bettors. Shop around the internet, look for other sportsbooks and databases with betting predictions and odds suggestions. Prepare yourself for the unexpected, observe the odds, and make quick decisions. You can also look for odds betting resources that could help you in the process.

Practice Overseeing Results

Make accurate DotA 2 betting predictions using all the information in your hands, all the things mentioned in our DotA 2 making predictions guide. Making predictions would be easy if you prepare yourself for the future result of the match. Oversee the results by preparing for odds shift and other unexpected change of events. Some teams and players are unpredictably bad…or good. If you have time for more research, seek help from a tipster or forecaster.