How to Lose Weight in 10 Days

Remember that film “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days” starring Kate Hudson and now Oscar-winner Matthew McConaughey? If you do, you will remember that it has no connection whatsoever in losing weight. But the plot of the story proves that committing to doing something challenging in strictly 10 days is, in itself, an even tougher challenge. Try to quit smoking in 10 days. Tough. Try to not drink your daily dose of soda in 10 days. Tough. Stop logging in your Facebook account for 10 days. Extremely tough. Whatever habits you try to lose in 10 days is hard work. Try to lose weight in 10 days? Yes, tough but highly probable.

Don’t think for one second that the weight you will lose in so little time will result to an immediate slimmer and lighter figure like after undergoing several cool sculpting sessions. Cool sculpting is an effortless procedure that bears effective results but comes at an expensive price. Here are tips, and no tricks here, for you to shed those few pounds in an amazingly short period of time.


Water, water, water

We all know water is very important to many vital body functions. But drinking water according to your body weight can speed up your metabolic processes. It also cleanses the body and rinses out all the bad toxins from the system. When you also drink lots of water, the less you would want to eat since it makes you feel full already. It also keeps you from unnecessary, unhealthy and fattening cravings like sugar.


Place limitations

Limit your food intake to a healthier portion. People think that crash diets will help them lose weight in an instant. But stopping yourself from eating or eating a meal a day is the unhealthiest way of shedding those extra pounds. You can still eat what you want to eat every day (of course, take away the junk food and other greasy food you don’t need to eat) but in a smaller plate – perhaps throw in a vegetable or two in for good measure.


Change the way you eat

So we’ve cut down on portions now let’s discuss how you eat your food. It may sound absurd but the way you eat food can assist in your weight loss program. Have three meals a day with two light snacks in between. Those two light snacks prevent you from eating more than you should during those meal times. When you do eat, chew slowly. When you ingest your meals too quickly, your body doesn’t get the chance to signal to you that you are already full. Chewing your food thoroughly also helps in your digestion.