How to Select the Best Interior Designer for Your Dream Home

There are bunch of interior designer in Singapore but how will you know if it’s the best one? It is important to carefully choose your designer to achieve the best result for your home. Don’t let your money go to waste or have a feeling of regret after hiring the bad one. Below are important points to help you select the best interior designer for your dream home.

  1. Think of an idea

Before searching for the perfect interior designer, take time to think of what you want. This is important to help you search for an interior designer in Singapore who is an expert in the kind of design that you like. Thinking of an idea is also important for you to know what kind of assistance and guidance you needed. Deciding on what kind of style and determining the scope of your project will help you select the best interior designer that you are looking for.

  1. Get help

Knowing someone who has experience with an interior designer will definitely help you. Do you have family members or friends who know a designer? Or do you have a particular friend whose house can be considered as your dream home? Ask him to help you by giving out details and information about that certain designer. This will also help you have an idea how the interior designer work and an overview on how much will you spend on having the project. This will help you find a proven and reliable one.

  1. Research

You have a list of designers that you think you needed but you only have to choose one. How? Look at their portfolio. Go to their websites and see their past projects. Look for testimonials and reviews about their work for deeper researching about the designers. You will see their experience and style and see if they’ve done a project like what you have in mind for your home. Ask the designers if you can see their project up close and personal for you to see how it really looks like besides on the photos.

  1. Comfortable to work with

Communication is the key for your dream home to come to life and being comfortable with your designer is really important. The chosen designer should know how to listen to your comments or suggestion and make you feel that all your inputs are important. He is the designer but it is your home and you have the right to say what you think will help to make it look like how you want it to. The perfect designer knows how to listen and answer every question you ask him. Remember that you must feel free to ask question because you are the client.

  1. Financial stuff

Discuss with your potential designer the financial aspects. It will help you if you know how much budget you needed based on the idea you’ve given the designer. Ask if they how they based their charge to help you choose the perfect designer especially you have a limit on your budget. After settling everything, remember to read carefully the contract and make sure that everything you agreed is on that contract especially on the financial aspect. Lastly, don’t hesitate to tell the designer how much your budget is and if they should stick to it.