Italian Dishes You Should Try

If one were to describe Italian food, it would be very difficult to pinpoint just one kind of description! Italian food in Singapore is most commonly associated with take-out pizza delivery, or even simple pasta dishes made at home. The truth is, there’s a lot more to Italian food that that leftover pizza in your fridge.

Italian food is often described as robust, comforting, and hearty. That’s because it is! A lot of authentic Italian food started out as hand-me-down recipes in families, closely guarded secrets that have only been shared by restaurateurs and immigrants who bring the best of Italian fare to other countries.  Imagine old Italian grandmothers slaving over pots of richly-seasoned tomato sauce, lovingly rolling and kneading loaves of bread, or shaping pasta with sure, weathered hands. That’s the kind of Italian food we aspire to eat.

Thankfully, Italian food in Singapore has upgraded over the years. There are so many restaurants offering a slice of what they tout to be authentic Italian fare. Whatever happens, whichever restaurant you end up visiting, be sure to try these classic Italian favorites. You may not have an Italian grandmother to bake for you, but this will feel like you do.

Carbonara. Authentic carbonara is made with fresh egg yolks, pancetta, herbs and cheese. It is a very simple dish that, when done right, can make you taste heaven! None of that creamy stuff here. Real carbonara is made with the freshest ingredients to bring out its taste. You can even try making it at home if you wish! Just be sure to also use fresh pasta for the best experience.

Polenta. Polenta is maize meal that is used in many dishes. It can be baked, it can be stirred to thicken, or it can be eaten on the side, like rice. Polenta is served with many dishes on the side—vegetables, stews, lamb or sausages.

Risotto is well-known over Italy, but the most famous is perhaps alla Milanese. This includes flavoring it with saffron and it is also served as a side to many main dishes, like polenta. A popular pairing for risotto is braised veal shanks.

Neapolitan pizza. This is not the pineapple laden pizza you get in a box. This is composed of fresh tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese and basil. Done. It is fresh pizza at its best, with an oven-baked crust that is just perfect–not chewy.

Tiramisu. One of the more famous and decadent Italian desserts, tiramisu needs no introduction. Layers of biscuits dipped in coffee and rum, layered thickly with mascarpone cheese and flavoured with more liquor and cocoa. Can you think of anything else that sounds more heavenly?


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