Jewellery Shopping in Singapore: Traveller’s Edition

Travellers from different parts of the world visit different countries for specific reasons: there are people who visit a country to experience their culture, there are those who visit a country to take a dip in famous beaches or to climb mountains, while some visit a country for one purpose: to shop. While some shopaholics take time to buy new clothes, shoes or bags, some people simply want to check out the latest trend in jewellery. There are a lot of people who actually visit countries to buy precious accessories such as diamond earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings, and other coloured diamonds.

Singapore is among the top destinations when it comes to shopping. Aside from the clothing lines and shopping hubs in the place, the country is also famous for its jewellery shops. A number of jewellery stores in the country pride itself for having authentic and meticulously designed accessories. Following are some of the jewellery stores in Singapore that are proven in terms of quality and design.


Benny Gems

Established in 1994, Benny Gems offers its clients with exclusively designed jewellery creations; handcrafted to near perfection. This jewellery store specialises in all certified diamonds and gems of all colours. They are currently know for their diamond earrings, rings, necklaces and bands designs. Call +65 6336 6833 or email for more information.

Soo Kee Jewellery

Are you looking for designer jewellery? Then you should visit Soo Kee Jewellery. This store has a lot of designer jewellery which you can choose from, such as the rare and timeless Mine to Mine Private Collection by Roni N., which is a set of necklace, diamond earrings and ring. The Versace Fine Jewellery collection, meanwhile, is a set of accessories that features both white and yellow gold, and coloured diamonds. For inquiries, you may contact 1800-­DIAMOND (1800-­342 6663).

H. Sena

Being among the oldest jewellery store in Singapore, H. Sena is known for its tradition of fine craftmanship. With their antique and rare jewel pieces, you will surely be captivated as you enter their store. There are a lot of diamond earrings, neclace and pendants, and bracelets which you can choose from. It is also best to check their coloured diamonds. The H. Sena shop is located at 290 Orchard Road, The Paragon. Customers may also contact hotlines +65 67320721 and +65 67325689.

When you are in Singapore, it is best to visit different jewellery shops to check their designs. However, you should also make sure that you buy from trusted stores so as to avoid buying fake jewellery.