Knowing More About UniControls Asia – A Pressure Tank Manufacturer in Singapore

You may have heard of pressurized tank manufacturer UniControls Asia becoming an official distributor of Hibar Systems Ltd. products in the news. This partnership is beneficial for both parties and for the consumers. But how much do you know one of the companies behind this partnership? How much do you know about UniControls Asia?

UniControls Asia is a top pressurized tank manufacturer in Singapore. Since 1976, the company has manufactured and provided fluid dispenser systems to various industries in Singapore. The company sells many industrial dispensing products. The dispensers UniControls Asia sells are as follows: fluid dispensers, dispensing valves, dispenser controllers, valve controllers, temperature controllers and our consumable products include dispensing syringe barrels, dispensing tips / dispensing needles and cartridges. However, the company is known for its pressurized tanks.

The company provides industrial products to industries like electronics, automative and semiconductors. However, UniControls Asia also produces pressurized tanks for industries not associated with gadgetry like cosmetics, food, pharmaceutical and chemicals. It caters to and provides pressurized tanks to small and large businesses. It can even provide tanks of different shapes and sizes, depending on the client’s request.

According to its website, UniControls Asia “manufactures custom made air pressure tanks according to your requirements if none of our standard pressurized tanks meets your application requirements.” Its customizable pressurized tanks allow UniControls Asia to have an edge over its competitors in the market. Of course, the quality of these tanks remain top notch and the prices are competitive and relatively cheap.

Though known as a pressure tank manufacturer, UniControls Asia is also known for its partnerships with other companies. The company is an authorized distributor of Hibar Systems Ltd. Products. It sells precision hibar metering pumps and fillers throughout Southeast Asia. UniControls Asia also serves its Japanese market with its own website. The quality and reliability of its products has allowed the company to become one of the world’s leading pressurized tank manufacturers.

For over four decades, UniControls Asia has provided Singapore and the rest of East and Southeast Asia with affordable and reliable fluid dispensers, valves and pressurized tanks. As a pressure tank manufacturer, it continues to push the envelope when it comes to innovation and it continues to create partnerships that better serve its customers. It remains as a top pressurized tank manufacturer in the region and will continue to do so.

Its website says: “With our vast selection of industrial products such as pressure tanks and custom made air pressure tanks, fluid dispenser systems, dispensing products and Hibar metering pumps, UniControls can offer high quality liquid dispensing solutions to meet your requirements.”

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