Kobelco News

Would you like to build your own home? Would like to know the best construction company near your area which offers one of a kind service that is worthy to pay? Or maybe you’re just looking for crane parts you can use in building the next residential building near your area?

You see, it is better to invest to quality equipment and parts and making sure that they will last a lifetime instead of using or even buying low quality ones that will die out eventually.

This is also a one way of saving your money and making them use to other matters.


Kobelco is one of the best company in the construction industry. They offers machine parts like cranes and other bulky equipment. You can be sure that these materials are made up with highest quality.


Kobelco was known in the construction Industry for almost some time now. They have been known in providing quality and well-crafted equipment using advance technologies. In this day where we live in an advance technological world, who knows if sooner or later they will also manage to provide us one of a kind equipment that will be useful not only in the construction community but also on the urbanization aspect of different countries.


Operating worldwide, Kobelco originated in Japan and was also known as Kobe Steel Ltd.  It started in September 1905 at Chuo – ku, Kobe is now one of the world’s hydraulic excavator distributor. Since then they were able to have some branches in different countries like North, Central and South America


While on the other hand its counterpart in the US which is KOBELCO construction machinery USA was founded in 2001 and is now providing services in North, Central and South America.

It is one of the sources of excavators, providing customers quality equipment.


Each products were used primarily for landscaping, construction, forestry, site preparation, aggregate, road building, material handling, recycling and ancillary markets and compact models. There are a lot of ways on how you can maximize the use of each equipment depending on your needs and where they are being use for.


The company is also known as an excavator perfectionist, they offer different lines of excavators from 3,000 lbs to 180,000 pounds. Being tagged as perfectionist means that every equipment and parts passes a certain standard to a highest form of quality checking. Having said that, it is essentially good to buy cranes and crane spare parts, for you can be sure that the quality is superb.


The company is a one stop shop for all construction equipment needed from cranes and crane parts, and different types and kinds of excavators. You’ll surely find something you need in your field of business.