List of Rare Finds of Flowers in Singapore

One of the best discoveries upon going to Singapore is that it Is also a great place for nature tripping. Even with the city skyline, major establishments and other activities in the metro, it still feels good to know that they have a coffee place for flowers or nature seekers in general.

With the different ways on how to send and receive flowers, from pick-up, reservations, to 24 hour flower delivery, you have no excuse anymore on the rare finds of flowers you may enjoy seeing while in Singapore.


With roughly only 200 trees left, the BruguieraHainessi is also known as ‘Bakaumatabuaya’ which is Malay for ‘crocodile eye mangrove’. The BruguieraHainesii is one of the most rare mangrove tree worldwide.

The KengHwa plant

This plant will give you that cactus-like impression but without the thorns. Its base just look like non- thorny aloe vera leaf. KengHwa plants grow on sandy soil and needs a very precise amount of water as to not drown them or leave them loose.


This beautiful yellow orchid blooms on spring to summer and on warm weather. It can grow up to 9.2 centimeters where the inflorescence can rise up the ceiling of your greenhouse.


Kandeliacandel is also called “Pisangpisang” which means bananas in Malay because the flowers of Kandelia looks like peeled bananas. Many have thought that this plant has gone to extinction last 2011 until it was discovered again at PulauTekong.

Rafflesia Flower

Rafflesia happens to be the heaviest flower in the world with some of its kind growing up to 39 inches in diameter that made it the largest single flower worldwide. The Rafflesia flower is considered rare because of its very seasonal condition to bloom. It actually blooms for only three to five days a year.

Rafflesia is named from Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles who is the same founder of Singaproe. He discovered Raffles during an expedition in 1818. The flower was discovered earlier though but his notes didn’t made it to the public until 1861.


Adenium or desert rose plants actually have the ability to develop seedpods! These beautiful small flowers bloom from scarlet to light pink. This desert rose’s favorite season is hot weather.

The Plumeria Singapore Intense Rainbow

You would need a good amount of heat and of course nutrients to exude its bright colors and see its natural curled shape. In cooler temperature, the petals of the plumeria“Singapore Intense Rainbow” twists and produces more bloom through the years.

The plumeria Intense Rainbow is also called Yacht Club Rainbow in Singapore, where it was originally from.