Maintaining A Good Compactor

A smooth pavement or ground will never be possible if not for the efforts of construction laborers as well as their sound choices when it comes to quality construction machineries.


While there may be huge cranes in construction sites that help erect a building, there are also other tools used to fix a platform or the ground. One of which is a plate compactor.


These are used to put pressure on different soil or ground. There are different types of compaction depending on which material to compress. Some of which are forward plate compactor, reversible plate compactor, and vibratory plate compactor.


As these equipment are important in paving and paving maintenance, it is also important to choose which type to use depending on the surface that needs to be fixed.


  • Forward plate

This is a type of compactor that is best used in compaction of sub bases of asphalt for highway and road construction. This is very manageable as it is small, portable, and with strong steel bases.


  • Reversible plate

The best compactor type to use when trying to put pressure on soil is this one. This produces the best compaction in grounds wherein it would be difficult for a compactor to be manoeuvred. This works well in granular soil,  mixed soils, and even in mixed aggregates.


  • Vibratory plate

These are used to put pressure or compaction on loose material of asphalt. This is engine powered and is a walk-behind machine.


How to take care of plate compactors

The construction demands in the durability of these machines are high. As they are continuously used on tough services and in usual contact with dirt and other chemical mixtures, it is going to be difficult to maintain it in good condition for a longer time. Thus, taking care of compactors is a really tough job.


However, if these machines are regularly checked, it will ensure effective and productive work hours.


The usual problem with these tools is engine failure which is usually caused by dirt or low engine fuels. Thus, users must consistently check the fuel levels as well as change fuel oils regularly.


Another is the scarring of the cylinders that will eventually make it stop working. In order to prevent this, experts suggest to also regularly change fuel filters. This is so because the main cause of cylinder scarring is when particles in the fuel get into the carburetor and is then ignited by the spark plug.


A strainer may also be used to filter the fuel as the machine is filled. Aside from using strainers and changing fuel filters, air filters must also be changed in order. If not, particles will continuously build up and contribute to the scarring of the insides of the machines when these particles enter the carburetor.


In short, the key thing for these machines to last for years is in how well it is maintained regularly. By doing so, the machine is kept clean and in sturdy condition that will not cause any work delays and will help in construction efficiently and effectively.