Positive Impacts of Tourism

singapore tourist landmark

Tourism is considered to be one of the most stable source of income for any country in the world. It can create a lot of jobs especially in developing countries. Since it can create a lot of jobs it is also very important that a country must focus on developing people who can deliver world class service to any tourist visiting their country. If you have noticed a lot of people are trying to get a diploma in tourism for them to be equipped with the right skill set to be able to meet the needs of tourists. In South East Asia alone, countries like the Philippines and Singapore offer tourism courses in the universities.

The tourism is a very complex but the most important lesson that students must learn is how to be able to conduct and manage the tourism industry. That is the reason why there are also a lot of institutions who offer service excellence training for people who are interested to be trained and you can see a lot of these institutes in countries like Singapore. After talking about the importance of training people in the tourism industry, let us also take a look at the positive effects of tourism.

It was mentioned earlier that tourism can create a lot of jobs but apart from that, there are also social effects of tourism and one of them would include the improvement of infrastructures in a certain area. When there are tourist attractions in a certain area, it is expected that the government must also be able to improve the roads that would lead to these destinations thus attracting tourists and investors who are interested in building hotels for them to be able to accommodate the number of visitors. It is also a known fact that when people are visiting a certain area they would spend money on food and lodging as well as souvenirs and food so it important for the locals to be able to provide the needs of the visitors. Aside from that, people who are visiting a certain area will also be able to appreciate the culture of the country that they are visiting thus giving both the tourist and the local exposure to each of their cultures thus the wide exposure to different nationalities. Tourism would also help in promoting and preserving the culture of a certain country or locality.

Another positive effect that tourism can bring to a certain area is the preservation of the natural resources including the wildlife. This is very much true in countries that rely heavily on the wanders of nature as the main source of tourism. With all the benefits of tourism, it is unavoidable that there will also be negative impacts to the people and the area but it is how the people manage these negative impacts. That is why it is very important that people be educated with the proper skills for them to be able to manage and that would include tourism certifications with the help of either the local government or any non- government institution.