Pros and Cons of Food Delivery in Singapore

food delivery in singaporeThe modern times made it a point to spoil humanity with its countless innovations and ideas. Mobile technology is now a need more than a want for a lot of people are more dependent on it.

Even our food is not spared. Today, there are a lot of instant foods for grab and go individuals who are busy with their lives. And of course, you can have your sumptuous food delivered from your favorite restaurants right to the comforts of your home. Yes, you head it right. Food delivery has been a popular added service in restaurants and fast food. It allows foodies to experience the food they want without the hassle of visiting their favorite food places.

In Singapore, food delivery services are very much popular because a lot of people are busy with their work or business. Most Singaporeans and foreign nationals living in the city state work very hard that they are not able to cook for themselves. Luckily food delivery has been there to save their days.

But as with all services, there are advantages and disadvantages of food delivery. Here are some of the most common pros and cons of food delivery in Singapore.


The quality of the food – One of the main disadvantages of food delivery is it reduces the quality of the food. Food is less warm and might not be fresh because of the travel time and distance. Although, restaurants have efforts to minimize this problem, the difference in quality is apparent. This might be a little disappointing especially if you prefer South Indian food or north Indian food which are very important to be served warm and fresh.

Waiting time – Restaurants consider the distance and travel time of every delivery. Depending on the location of your place, deliveries will have waiting time ranging from a few minutes to forever. If you are really starving and craving, it is sometimes a bad idea to order through food delivery as it might take time. Sometimes, restaurants have promos to combat late deliveries.

Food deliveries might be a little expensive – Of course, some restaurants charge you for this added service as this use their resources and time. Don’t be surprised if your final bill will be bloated because of this added service.


Accessibility – Food delivery services are a phone, chat, or sometimes a tweet away. These restaurants have become so accessible that even their delivery systems are just an arm reach. You just need to visit their website and indicate your orders.

Less hassle – The best advantage of food delivery services is it reduces the hassle for customers. It eliminates the difficulties of food preparation. For example, if you instantly crave for difficult food to prepare, such as south Indian and north Indian food, you can have it delivered instantly.

You can do the things you need to do – If you are a busy person or you have a lot of things to do, then food deliveries are also very helpful.