SAT Study Says Test is Good Predictor of College Success

The month of November marks the end of school year for primary and secondary students in Singapore. The Ministry of Education in the nation has implemented this school term to ensure that students will have ample time to prepare for national examinations. Along with the administration of state-wide tests in the city-state, junior and senior high school students are also preparing for the Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT). Singaporean students have taken SAT over the years in order to increase their chances of being admitted in premier universities in the country or to pave the way for their dream US universities. Consequently, sat classes in singapore are conducted throughout the region by skilled tutors. These tutors emphasize that SAT, aside from being an important college admission requirement, is also a good predictor of student’s college performance. Proofs that support such claim are given in this article.

SAT composition. A sat course singapore will orient students of the 3 hours and 45 minutes duration of the exam that covers mathematics, verbal, and writing sections.  These changes in the features of the exam were done in 2005 to align the test with majority of college curricula. Incorporation of the writing section is considered by the College Board as one of the most important improvements of the SAT. This is because the writing portion of the exam analyzes for writing capability and grammar usage of the students, skills which are necessary in college courses.

Methods of the study. In 2006, the research team contacted all public and private universities in the USA to provide the first year grade point average (FYGPA) of the first batch of students who took the revised SAT in 2005. A total of 110 colleges and universities responded and complied with the data collection procedures. Fortunately, FYGPA of 151, 316 students were collected by the team and were weighted against their SAT scores and high school grade point average (HSGPA). Reduction of biases and other factors that could affect the integrity of the study were minimized, if not totally removed.

Data analysis. Study of the single and multiple correlations between and among SAT scores, FYGPA and HSGPA were analyzed using statistical methods. Such procedures render -1.0 to 1.0 range of results where a value of 1.0 refers to a positive linear relationship between the compared variables.

Findings. Results showed that there is a 0.36 correlation between HSGPA and FYGPA. A 0.35 correlation, on the other hand, was seen between SAT and FYGPA. This means that high school GPA of the students is a slightly better predictor of first year college grades than SAT scores. However, the combination of HSGPA and SAT scores when compared against FYGPA manifested a 0.46 correlation. This means that the combination of SAT scores and the students’ high school GPA best predicts the potential grade of students in their first year of college degrees.

The study discussed here explains the usefulness of SAT in predicting the first year grade point average of university students in the United States. Reliability of the data presented attests why students and tutors must take the SAT seriously since it can help students get a glimpse of their potential college performance.