Singapore’s Bike Rental Industry

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You can’t go wrong with bikes.

Whether for practicality, economy, health or environment-related concerns, the bicycle is a logical choice of transportation. In the continuously saturating urban center of Singapore, bicycles are not only logical but is actually ideal. For locals, bicycles present a convenient way to navigate ever-busier streets on a daily basis. For tourists, they offer far cheaper means to tour through smaller inroads and other corners of the city otherwise inaccessible via regular public transport. For city planners, bicycles are simple solutions to vehicular traffic in Singapore roads which is 20% of the city’s land area.

And true enough, the bicycle rental and sale industry in Singapore have shown steady market performance and consistent revenue increases in the last ten years. In the thriving industry, there are now more than a hundred bicycle shops in Singapore which include retailers of stock units, custom assembly and repair shops, replacement parts distributors, including sports, hobby and recreation hubs and of course, bicycle rental shops.

A typical Singapore bicycle rental shop now offers an extensive menu of choices including the common racer, mountain bike and BMX as well as non-traditional ones such as freight, couples, small-wheel, sideways, tall bikes, safety bicycles, unicycle and even folding bicycles which are attractive for people who plan to take their bicycles into buses, trains or boats for cross-country trips.  Most of these bicycle rental units go for very affordable rates that already include with insurance coverage, discounts for multi-day rentals, reservation and return policies, security deposits, penalty and payment schemes.

Many bike rentals units in Singapore also have built in GPS devices and navigation applications that guide users in going around the entire city-state. Some bicycle rental shops in Singapore even interact online and deliver right to your doorstep while others actually organize biking events or tournaments for locals and tourist alike. Some of the more popular applications in used by Singapore bicycle rental shops are the Mobike application which uses QR codes via its app to unlocks bike for better security and more sophisticated on-line connections that can provide GPS assistance to better cruise around the city and is best for foreigners unfamiliar with Singapore routes. The Ofo application, a free application, also provides the same functions as Mobike but is generally cheaper. The oBike on the other hand, provides the same functionality as Mobike and Ofo but has on-line transaction capabilities that allow customers to reserve a bike in advance, and park it at any of its compatible locations.

But perhaps the more striking factor for the development of the Singapore bicycle rental scenes has to do with the staggering improvement and impressive professionalization of its services. Most bike rental shops in Singapore provide extensive warranties and have maintained reputable maintenance protocol and procedures which seem to have earned the confidence of a vast number of consumers that now no longer worry of getting stuck in the middle of nowhere since their bike rental gave up on them. Most bicycle rental shops in Singapore also make it a point to regularly replace pedals and seats to provide optimum comfort for users and this has also become a significant come-on for many commuters looking at long rides and extended rental periods. In terms of parts, most bike rental shops in Singapore only rent out bikes made of titanium and alloy frames usually provide easier handles and lighter weight load and are therefore generally preferred by many bicycle users. Some Singapore bicycle rental shops even allow custom-made rentals which his similar to custom assembly services for first-hand brand new bikes.