SMS Marketing: The Most Efficient Marketing Tactic In Singapore Today

These days, people are constantly on the go. Without a doubt, life is so much faster these days, with the need for anyone to be contactable at any time. It’s almost as if one’s cell phone is a basic necessity to get through the day. Through this handy gadget, people can be contacted at any time. Even without the fancy upgrades of a smartphone, everyone has the most basic mobile phone that can make and receive calls and SMS.

It is a known fact that marketers these days have their work cut out for them–there are so many things competing for the attention of their consumers that they have to reach their audience where they are. In this age of social media, marketers and advertisers are noticeably making their presence known online. However, what they have to compete with is the noise online–both from other advertisers and with other personal accounts. So how do you reach them in a better, more direct way? Try SMS Marketing.

Singapore is home to a population that is very mobile. If they are not attached to their mobile phones, they are on other mobile devices that will help them stay connected. SMS Marketing was conceived as a way to directly reach an audience in a way that will get their attention without having to compete with the rest of the noise. In Singapore, SMS Marketing is done using a mobile device to transfer marketing communication to interested consumers.

SMS Marketing has a huge advantage in the sense that it can reach an audience that may already be interested in the brand, thus getting a higher percentage of engagement. SMS marketing  is considered to be one of the more direct and personal forms of marketing, but how do you know if it’s right for your business?

First off, you have to make sure that you are able to collect mobiles for SMS marketing… which may not be so easy. Consumers are not very keen on giving away their phone numbers, so in order to have a program to collect these, you have to assure them that you will only use them to give them special offers. Be clear with the guidelines for mobile number collection so that you will be able to successfully use them for SMS Marketing.

As you collect the numbers and begin to use them in your SMS campaign be sure that you have measures in place that if a customer unsubscribes they are removed from your list immediately. Failure to do so is actually illegal.

Lastly, you can set up your campaign! You can use a 3rd party service provider to help send SMS blasts to your database.