Some Gifting Tips for Babies and Kids

baby with teddy bear

Babies give endless joy to our lives. And when a family is suddenly blessed with one, everyone just can’t help but shower these little angels with gifts. And why not? One sweet smile and our hearts just melt. No words can express how much babies are just so lovable. But as excited as we are to welcome them to the world, it might not be easy for everyone to pick out the best kinds of gift to these cute little people.

Sheila recounts a story when her sister Ali gave birth to baby girl a couple of years back. And because this is Sheila’s first niece, she was clueless on what is the appropriate gift to give that she ended up buying condolences flower (a big faux pas she doesn’t one to relieve unless pressed), “I was rushing to the hospital and on my way, I saw a flower shop. I just got the one that I saw first with an arrangement and did not even bother asking the florist if this is okay for my sister who has just given birth to a baby girl. I should have just bought a teddy bear and none of this shameful thing would have happened. After this big mistake, the next day, I went out to buy pink balloons, some cute baby clothes, and milk bottles. I now keep in mind that it is better to give gifts that they can really use so no money is ever put to waste.”

Joan, 29, who is the only single woman in her circle, is admittedly an expert in buying the best baby gifts in Singapore, “Being the eternal single aunt, single friend, single cousin to everyone, I already have a list of baby gifts on my little black notebook. First, I try to find out the gender of the baby. And then, I check if my current budget can allow me to splurge a little, and then I either shop online or on some toy stores that I frequent. When it comes to toys, baby girls often get Barbies from me while baby boys would either get toy cars, trains, or airplanes. When I know the kid comes from parents who value being smart, I usually buy puzzles. But I always warn their parents never to let the kid play with it until he is pass the I-eat-everything phase. If the kid is about 8 to 10, that’s the time I opt to buy clothes instead.”

Ezra, a marketing manager of a toy brand, shared that with the market today, everything seems to be available, “Not just for babies but for kids ages 2-10 years old. Kids today have a lot of options. Sometimes, we experience running out of stock because kids know what they want. And movies have a lot of influence to this. Or the TV shows they watch. I remember this kid went to our store with her mother and they were looking for a Peppa Pig toy. The kid was able to describe the character so beautifully that we were all fascinated at how one’s fondness at something can turn a kid into a poet. Now we know that toys aren’t just toys for them. They represent something. They are sources of joy.”