Staying Fit Without Going to the Gym

Exercising need not be done in a gym or in groups. You can exercise within the comfort and convenience of your home and/or train at the nearby neighborhood park. For parents who can’t drive all the way to the gym and leave the baby behind, you can be fit and be a responsible parent at the same time by working out indoors. There are crossfit workouts designed to get you in without the clutter of gym equipment and the prying eyes of others. Just because you don’t have a trainer doesn’t mean you can take it easy with the squats. Here are 7 WOD designs you can try at home!


Day 1

5 rounds of:

7 burpees

7 lunges

14 kettle bell swings

10 squats


Day 2

4 rounds of:

9 pushups

9 boxjumps

12 squats


Run 500m



Day 3

8 rounds of:

5 burpees

10 pushups

15 situps

20 squats


Day 4

5 rounds of:

10 boxjumps

10 pullups

10 pushups

100 jumpropes


Day 5

6 rounds of:

8 burpees

7 pushups

20 squats

15 bike crunches

20 scissor abs


Day 6

5 rounds of:

8 push ups

10 jumpn-jacks

8 squats


1/2 mile jog


Day 7

1 mile jog


Aside from these WOD plans for the entire week which you can also change up to your preference and skill capability, a perfect way to stay fit without having to go the gym is to supplement your workouts with a healthy diet. Determine what your diet plan should be by knowing what your fitness goal is. Are you trying to lose weight? Since exercise isn’t enough to be fit, a healthy diet is the perfect way to top off fitness without having to go to a gym. Here are some meal plans during your Crossfit workouts at home.


Breakfast choices

Yogurt Parfait

Fiber-rich cereal mixed with banana

Whole-grain bagel with cream cheese spread and raisins

Peanut butter waffles with strawberries


Lunch choices

California rolls with edamame

Whole wheat sandwich with honey, mustard, carrots, apple and deli turkey

Brown rice and vegetables with strawberries

Chef’s salad


Snack choices

3 blocks of dark chocolate

100-calorie energy bar

Frozen fruit cup with fat-free whipped cream

String cheese and biscuits

Crispbread crackers with cherry tomatoes, feta cheese and blueberries


Dinner choices

Baked prokchop with a side of baked sweet potato, green beans and almonds

Stir-fry chicken and vegetables in sesame oil and seeds

Grilled salmon with asparagus spears and corn