The Difference From Authentic to A Counterfeit

Last Christmas I received wallet from my friend who works abroad. She sent it to me wrapped with its paper bag. I was so happy that I received a branded wallet and even flaunted it in my office not knowing it was a counterfeit. Then my office mate noticed that something is wrong with my wallet it is not original. So slowly I got my purse and placed it in my bag. Well authentic or not at least it is the thought of giving that counts.

We cannot deny the fact that there are factories who copy the designs of some famous brands in terms of clothing, bag, shoes, pants and almost everything. These kinds of business are still out in the market because customers keep on buying them. You cannot blame the buyer if she cannot afford to buy the original ones. There are those who can afford the authentic ones and there are those who cannot. It does not matter we all have our own tastes in buying.

Authentic designer bags and wallets are sold all over the world. And so as those which are counterfeits. We often hear on the news that these counterfeits are being confiscated. But how can you spot the difference. Collectors of authentic vintage handbags can easily tell the difference from what are authentic handbags or not. A vintage handbag is hard to find these days because they were manufactured in the early years, so at this time there are least bags that are sold. If they are selling some vintage handbags now it is probably counterfeit.

In spotting the difference take into consideration the price of the bag, or wallet. Originals or authentic designer bags are costly it can never be sold at a cheaper price. Be realistic about the price. If you really want to buy an original, think twice if the price is much cheaper. Some bags have an authenticity card on it, but not because it has authenticity card on it means it is original. Counterfeiters have a way of making them look so real. Watch out for those. Make sure you are buying on an authorized shop or outlet.

In Singapore some manufacturers have established its own clothing lines, accessories and as well as bags. There are varieties of shops therein that sell designer clothing and bags. Some shops are in line with the millennial trend and some are old school. Vintage clothing shops in Singapore sells exquisite clothing. The clothing especially the dresses are mixed with accessories that is vintage. The vintage accessories add volume to the design of the dress. Although it has a touch of vintage accessories the prices may be lower and can be affordable.  Singapore being the Asia’s capital for shopping it has a lot to offer. There are several vintage shops for handbags in Singapore to choose from. Several shopping centres have opened up for a long time and have established a goodwill where patrons often visit and buy their products. It may be authentic vintage bags or clothing, in buying one always trust your instinct.