The Importance of Blinds and Curtains

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Is it advisable to leave home windows bare—without any curtains, blinds, or any other forms of covering? Definitely not. “Curtains are a mandatory accessory in our homes and offices. Curtains have become a style statement and an essential part of home decoration. Interior designers take lot of time to go thru’ color schemes and designs before making the final choice. Curtains is a reflection of our tastes and adds meaning to the room,” wrote an unnamed writer of the article titled Home Important Is Curtains In Your Home? posted at

Janna who owns a number of curtains and blinds in her home in Singapore shared that privacy is her main reason for always covering her windows with such, “You’ll never know who are peeking through your windows, and I don’t want people outside to see everything inside my home. I value privacy, and I figured, curtains and blinds are my best protection that are affordable.”

Similarly, Anne of Singapore installed some window blinds in her living room, “Scorching heat of the sun here is quite unbearable especially in the afternoon. I opted to buy some window blinds to control the heat and make sure my furniture are protected too.”

And we can’t help but wonder about the difference. “Are Curtains more versatile than Blinds? Blinds, whether they be roller blinds, verticals or venetians can provide a simple window solution offering sun control and privacy. They can be readymade or custom made to your choice of design and colour. This type of window covering is practical and generally unobtrusive. Although offering clean lines, blinds, can provide some negative effects for example, noise where cross breezes are evident and sometimes may not give your living space the colour and style you had in mind. Enter the Curtain: With the huge range of fabrics available today as well as many choices of tracks and poles, the options of style and design are endless. Whether you are decorating an old Queenslander or an ultra-modern architecturally designed home, there will be a suitable fabric and design for you. The choice is yours,” shared the article 5 Advantages of Using Curtains Rather than Blinds as posted in the site

“Window blinds have been popular window treatments options for a number of years. ―They enable you to ensure your own privacy while when you are at home. ―By using window blinds, you increase your sense of privacy and security because there is no need to peek out the window when it is dark outside, you only lower your blinds by pulling the cord or twisting the wand, and anyone can not watch you from outside. ―You experience a level of privacy that you cannot get from many other window treatment options and with the right set of blinds, you can have complete privacy in your home because they provide you with safety against the prying eyes of intruders,” shared the article Reason Why You Need Window Blinds at