The Search for the Best Latex Mattress in Singapore: What are the Things to Consider?

natural latex mattress

If you’re having deep trouble in getting a good sleep, why not try a natural latex mattress for your next bed purchase? Spending a little more from your usual budget can be beneficial in the long run.

There are times that we don’t give that much importance on our sleeping habits that we tend to forget that we need a good rest in order to perform and feel well on our respected activities the next day. We all know that 8-10 hours of sleep is the only solution but for a very busy and active city like Singapore, we take for this granted all the time.

Luckily, as we are now living in a highly advanced world where everything is already available, the innovation on the beds that we used has tremendously improved throughout the years and we now have more choices on what suits best for our specific needs.

The emergence of latex mattress in Singapore market was a welcome treat from the usual innerspring and memory foam types that is readily available on the shops around the country. We appreciated the fact that these kinds of beds are highly elastic, very resilient and supportive which are not present on its counterparts.

If you are now convinced to buy one for your bedroom as you wait for your current bed to wear out soon, here are some of the important things to consider in searching for the best natural latex mattress in Singapore:

  1. Materials. Latex is a product of natural elements so make sure that the materials that was used in manufacturing the beds is 100% environment friendly. A pure latex ingredient originates from the juice of a rubber tree and should not contain any harmful chemicals. This is a better alternative to beds which are made using potentially toxic materials. Keep an eye also on such promoted latex mattresses that aren’t made with 100% pure latex because it was mixed with synthetic properties to make it less expensive. 
  2. Good Back Support. The elasticity of the bed is vital so that the mattress can mould itself perfectly according to the body shape of the person who will use. It is also essential for this mattress to have the ability to give the necessary back support our body needs while sleeping. It should also be elastic allowing the person to freely move anytime. 
  3. Durability. The normal lifespan of a quality mattress bed should last up to 10 to 15 years on an average. If it tears down before its 10 year duration, most probably, it isn’t 100 pure latex.
  4. Dust-resistant and Anti-microbial. A central component of latex is naturally resistant to dust mite and moulds that’s why a lot of people who have allergies and asthmas prefer this kind of beds for them.

Lastly, Budget should never be a hindrance on having a comfy mattress for your room most especially for Singaporeans who are capable of shelling out some cash just for the sake of convenience.