The Value of 2nd Hand Wrist Watches

Time pieces are one of the most fascinating inventions of the modern world–a hundred miniature moving parts working seamlessly at consistent precision compressed into a dozen tiny chambers all housed inside a small encasing that are often built to outlive the user.  Wrist watches have come in all kinds of imaginable form across history and cultures and are nowadays are available in all possible shapesstylesprice categories, built, model, and other technical features. Regardless of type or brand however, the wrist continue to help us correctly organize and successfully control our life if only by informing us of time.


But a wrist watch does not merely tell time but also makes an important statement about the person wearing it. Wrist watches have therefore served an altogether different function beyond its practical utility. It is often considered a key indicator of a person’s taste, lifestyle and social standing. It is true that the watch a man wears reflects his status and achievements. Most women actually consider their wrist watches as additional pieces of jewelry while men usually consider theirs to reflect ego and personality.


As such,  wrist watches are also often valued for more than just their actual production cost. A watch’s price in the market in fact is significantly higher than just its quality and uses. This is all the more true in the market for 2nd hand watches. Generally, this market resells all kinds of watches and services  to all types of customer from average individual simply looking for a cheap but serviceable watch to the avid collector and even those who engage in buying and selling of vintage, iconic, limited edition and other collectors’ watches where apparently there are a lot of profit to be made.


But first, the types. Automatic watches are self-winding units whose main advantage is its low- maintenance quality. Chronographs on the other hand are multifunctional watches that can serve as stops watches or time pieces that can tell different time from different time zones. Divers and military watch are known for their water-resistant property as well as their strong built. Fashion watches are generally more fragile but are significantly more lightweight and are often the current market trends.

And then there are the brands. 2nd hand watches from brands like Rolex, Tag Huer, Swatch. Seiko, Breitling, Vacheron Constantin or Patek Philippe are among the top luxury items that offer the same precision quality and durability even after extended use.  They are often the expensive finds in the pre-owned watch market.  


Among these brands and types, there are the special luxury watches. These luxury watches are among those rare items which can have an extended life cycle and increasing value even after years of use.  In 2nd hand shops, even pre-owned Rolex or Timex luxury watches can run at least $1,000 and many can have much, much higher prices. In fact, luxury watches are the most desirable and desired pre-owned items in the market today.  In many ways, in the pre-owned watch market, desirable luxury watches in good working condition can have several lives after their first owner and even have increasing prices as it ages.