Giving out the best to our loved ones does not end when they are living, but also even after life. Everyone around the world still pay homage and respect to our dearly beloveds before finally saying goodbye and not see them again. The practice or the ritual may be different depending on the country, religion, superstitions and belief, but all leads to the same intention. That is to show our love and reverence to the person mindless if he / she is still alive.

Because of this many have considered starting businesses related to funerals. Why not, death is inevitable. Just like food business targeting the people’s basic needs, many funeral homes exist because one can never avoid dying. In Singapore alone, there are already many death insurance companies, seller of Singapore caskets, and funeral homes that you can choose from. Here are some of the famous funeral homes in Singapore:


1)    SFS Care Pte Ltd

SFS Care Pte Ltd is located at Toa Payoh Industrial Park. They have been in the business to continue providing customers the most dignified and compassionate services without compromising them. SFS Care Pte Ltd assures the customer the most professional manner of arrangements. They offer services from Singapore caskets, to offering Mercedes Benz Hearse, funeral supplies, make- up and embalming and as well as religious supplies.


2)    NewHeaven

NewHeaven is also under SFS Care and promises affordable funeral service without sacrificing the quality. They are supported and affiliated with an ISO and CaseTrust accredited management system so you are very secure that your beloved and the whole family are well taken care of. NewHeaven also offers catering and refreshments, obituary arrangements, and as well as exhumation and worldwide repatriation services aside for the funeral and embalming services. You may choose your preferred arrangements from cremation or burial.


3)    An Lok Funeral Services

Located at Sin Ming Dr., An Lok Funeral Services also recognizes the need for everyone to deserve a dignified funeral, no matter what their social status or wealth is. They have different funeral packages to choose from: “Freethinker” which is a five days package costing S$4,500; “Christian”, also for five days package and costs S$4,500, the “Buddhist”, a five days package costing S$5,888 which includes the monk chanting services and fruits & vegetarian food offerings; and the “Taoist”, a five days package costing S$6,588. Like other Singapore casket company, An Lok Funeral Services also offers different caskets from full glass to half glass, depending on the client.


4)    Parthemore Funeral Home & Cremation Services, Inc.

Family owned Parthemore Funeral Home & Cremation Services started in 1969 and a long time member of the National Funeral Directors Association and the Pennsylvania Funeral Directors Association. They have been in the business to help customers deal with the healing process as they help in establishing the first steps in the grief period. You can also deliver / send flowers for those in the Obituary list in their website.