Top Reasons Why Food Bloggers Rock

For some of us, food is nothing more than something in the universe that we use to satisfy our hunger. We eat because otherwise, we would starve. The arrangement is pretty much black and white. We all have a biological imperative to survive, to feed, to eat. That is all there is to it.

However, some people look at food, and food consumption, differently. These folks—mostly addressed as foodies—have a different relationship with food than the rest of us lesser mortals do—or it appears that way when we read their blogs, at the very least.

If you are starting to think that, maybe, just maybe, there is more to food than eating it, then come on over and explore the world that foodies inhabit. In Singapore food blog sites are already coming out of the woodwork. You just have to find that one food blog that hits all the notes in a way that is right for you and you would be good to go.

Here are some reasons why food bloggers think they rock—and why some of us believe they really do:

  1. Foodies—real foodies—are like the best lovers in history. They do not just chew, chomp and swallow their way through every meal. They savor everything. From the lighting, venue, dining arrangement of plates to how the food smells, looks and feels, foodies bring us to that moment, to that place—whether it’s a restaurant or a stall—to that table, that meal, right along with them.
  2. Food bloggers, the really great ones, make it possible for us to taste a dish we have never tasted before. A description made of a thousand words that are empty of feeling pale in comparison to a few wisely-chosen words that describe how it feels to dine on the perfect plate of fried rice or nasi goreng while the sun sets in the background or while you share it with a pal. Food bloggers have a way of translating the experience onsite, whether through words, photos, videos or a combination of all three. They make us believe it is all real. But they do not just make the experience real for us, they make us a part of it too.
  3. Great foodie bloggers move us. They make us feel the hunger they feel, the excitement of eating a beloved dish, a home-cooked meal—one that reminds us of home, one that makes us yearn to go back to those carefree, childhood days. They make us succumb to the temptation of another red bean soup or tau huay. Whether it involves food, the moment, the restaurant, they make us fall in love with it all.