Top Seven Flower-Giving Occasions

The language of flowers can convey a myriad of human emotions under any situation. This phenomenon is observed in Singapore whole year round because flower shops and even flowers online delivery shops never run out of customers for the monthly local and national occasions. Recognition of these events is very important for the Singaporean citizenry. In particular, seven occasions are identified by flower shops as the most income-generating points of the year.

National celebration. The upcoming National Day Singapore is considered to be the birthday of the nation. Consequently, 24 hour flower delivery shops are already tapped by business owners, politicians, and even ordinary citizens for their supply of symbolic flowers. Giving flowers on this occasion increases the jubilance of the day as well as the sense of nationalism especially when the signature flowers of the nation are used.

Valentine’s Day. This occasion calls for romantic flower arrangements of red and white roses, carnations and tulips. Bouquets of these flower pieces are offered at varied combinations. However, since this a peak season, flowers are usually sold at prices 10 to 50% higher than the off peak rates.

Anniversary. Wedding anniversaries of couples in Singapore are never complete without flowers. Actually, women expect their husbands to give them flowers as a sign of the renewal of their vows. Also, women love to receive flowers form their better halves even if they have been married for a decade since such act will make them feel more appreciated and valued.

Openings. The opening of business establishments is made more vibrant by the presence of flower bouquets and flower stands. This is because flowers function as a symbol of prosperity for the new venture as well as invitation of positive energy in to the commercial space.

Graduation. When students graduate in Singapore, corsages and flowers are generally given to them. This is a congratulatory mark from the adults and also a way of reminding the students that their next milestones in life are yet to come.

Birthdays. From children’s party, debut and adult birthday bash, giving flowers to the birthday celebrant has been a custom in many nations. This is because the person celebrating his or her birthday would love to receive an exquisite arrangement of fresh flower pieces from the guests. The color s of the flowers can also increase the positive mood of the birthday celebrant. Additionally, by offering flowers, guests have not only pleased the celebrant but have also radiated a positive aura for the whole party.

Mother’s Day. Given the emotional nature of mothers, providing them with flowers has been a foolproof strategy of many Singaporeans in surprising them. Whether it is three-stalk arrangement, a dozen of flowers, a bouquet or a flower stand, mothers will always give away a drop of tear whenever they receive flowers from their offspring because this reminds them that all of their efforts are well-appreciated.
Flower-giving events in Singapore are not restricted to the seven occasions mentioned here. Actually, any day of the year is good enough to send a flower to a special someone to remind them of their significance in your life.