Tuition centers has been getting recognition and attention among many Asians already as they provide added assistance to students. This process filters the easiest to the most difficult subject that’s needed to be tackled. It also gives opportunity for the teachers to have extra income as they tutor the students outside school hours / schedule. There is certain requirements though before a teacher can gain extra income through tuition centres. Some teachers even team up to build their own center, where post graduates can also give classes to college level students that are in preparation for examinations. There is even a foreign language class for some tuition centres, which is an edge for them.

Get more ideas and check some of the tuition centres in Asia:


Established since 1987, Radiance Training Centre still continues to provide added education for children. They hold enrichment programs from pre school to GCE ‘A’ levels and they have small groups of six to twelve members each. They have personalized study plans till o level tuition Singapore. Radiance Training Centre also currently have a promo for a one time $10 discount for students who can refer and recommend their centre to others.


Lexis Education Asia aims to be the top on the ‘Top Promising PLAE and ‘O’ level academic trainer centre. They believe that tuition centres should adapt to the child’s right mind and skillset of his academic subject. Lexis Education Asia follows three key framework components which is: “1) Enrich oneself with knowledge; 2) Develop the right mindset & learning methods; 3) Excel and attain your dreams.” They also have the EDE and CPES System which improves the math skills of students.


Thomas Tutorials offers courses for CET, Physics, Chemistry, History and more. Same as the other tuition centre Singapore, Thomas Tutorials also consist of fewer students or smaller groups. They consist of six staff, 19 faculty members and 20 doing it for part time. You have the option to pay for installments or one shot. They also have private or one to one tuitions. Thomas Tutorials was able to produce top notching students on the HSC and SSC board exams.


IndTuition is Indonesia’s first international tuition center, and was founded three years ago by the graduate of Bachelor of Engineer in Mechanical Ferdinand Hadi. They provide free consultation to help you plan your studies. Their tutors also have international qualification from top universities. They provide international curriculum for those who want to study abroad. They have two types of tutoring: the “Regular Tuition Program” and “Preparation Class Program”. IndTuition aims to become the number one International Education Centre in Indonesia!