Understanding More About The Condition of Having Varicose Veins

Varicose veins is a medical condition in which veins are gnarled and enlarged making it very much prominent on the surface of the skin. Although it can appear in some other parts of the body, varicose veins usually shows in the legs and feet where pressure is usually high. Getting a vascular surgery in Singapore for varicose veins treatment might seem like some sort of aesthetic procedure, but it is very important to understand that the appearance our veins is also a serious health concern which needs to be addressed as well. Sorry to break it to you but, varicose veins is the result of the blood being unable to travel back to the heart causing it to clot in the vein instead.

When blood is stagnant, it can cause a condition known as thrombophlebitis which is the inflammation of the wall of a vein. If this continues, the vein valve’s will slowly begin to rupture which will cause the blood and other body liquid flow outside the tissues that will eventually lead to venous skin ulcer. Targeting the source of the varicose veins during the early stage is important in preventing more serious damage. However, people tend to only seek for medical treatment when they are already starting to feel the pain. Even though untreated varicose veins can be quite painful, the chances of it turning into a life threat is low especially when treated properly under a licensed vein clinic here in Singapore.

Aside from the fact that there are also lots uncontrollable factor like aging, genetic predispositions, hormonal imbalances and some other major body changes such as pregnancy that can negatively affect the health of our leg vein – there are also some certain habits that should be avoided in order to keep ourselves from having this unpleasant condition and they are the following:

Long Period Standing

First of the list is stand for long periods of time. Prolonged standing combined with the effects of gravity puts enormous pressure on the veins. If you happen to have a job which requires long periods of standing, try finding some small ways to change up your work routine. For example, take some short walks or try to sit every 30 minutes. Just take a little pressure off your veins by having a bit of some extra movement.

Crossed Legs Sitting

If you haven’t heard about this before, long periods of leg cross sitting really do cause varicose veins. Even though crossing your legs doesn’t put so much pressure on you veins, doing so might put yourself at risk of spider veins. As you cross your legs, some major veins behind the knees get squeezed preventing venous drainage of the leg veins. You can still sit with your legs crossed though. But just like standing, do not do this in an excessive amount of time or else you will leave yourself with no other choice but to seek medical treatment for spider veins in Singapore.

Too much consumption of salt

Consuming a high-sodium diet will cause your body to store more water leading to more pressure in the veins. We all want flavor to our food. However, eating too much salt can seriously give some negative effects to our body. So before we get something from the store, do not forget to take a quick look on the food labels. From doing some simple sacrifices, you’ll be surprised how you much help you could give to your body in the long run.