The Partnership between UniControls and Hibar Systems

Good partnerships come a long way. That goes well in life and business. Companies partner with other companies to exchange information or products and services, all for the continued success of both companies and to provide better services to the consumers. Such is the story the partnership of Hibar Systems Ltd. and UniControls Singapore Pte. Ltd.

In 2012, UniControls Singapore Pte. Ltd. was appointed by Hibar Systems Ltd. as its exclusive authorized reseller of Hibar pumps (specifically Hibar Precision Dispensing Pumps and Fillers) in Southeast Asia, which included Singapore, Taiwan and Vietnam. The appointment was made effective January 1, 2012. In mainland China, Hibar pumps are sold through Unicontrols (Shanghai) Liquid Dispensing Equipment Co., Ltd, a subsidiary of UniControls Singapore Pte. Ltd. Their partnership continues up to this day.

The partnership allows UniControls to distribute and sell precision hibar metering pumps and fillers in Southeast Asia, a region UniControls is quite familiar with. The Hibar pumps are used in various industries such as electronics, automotive, semiconductor, pharmaceutical, food and cosmetics. However, its use for filling batteries with electrolytes has made it quite popular to the battery manufacturers and to the global battery industry.

UniControls Singapore Pte. Ltd. sells the following types of Hibar pumps:

Pneumatically Driven Dispensing Pumps – These pumps are capable of precise dispensing. Their system of capacity measurement using a high precision micrometer allows for a sophisticated level of dispensing. The pumps offer different types of rotary and check valves.

Servomotor Driven Dispensing Pumps – These pumps have two types: the step motor driven pumps and the servo-controlled pulse motor driven pumps.

With Hibar pumps, you also have the option of choosing which nozzles or pump accessories your pump should have. This will allow you to have control over the features your Hibar pump will have.

Hibar Systems Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of high technology automated liquid dispensing and filling systems in North America. Hibar pumps are recognized for their high precision dispensing and are being used by various industries worldwide. Feel free to visit its official website:

UniControls Singapore Pte. Ltd. is one of the leaders in creating fluid dispensing valves and pressurized tanks. The company provides quality devices to various manufacturing industries in Southeast Asia. It even has a growing market in Japan. The company’s valves and pressurized tanks are known to be customizable, a feature that lets the client have a valve or pressurized tank that suits its needs. More information can be found on its website:

In the past two years, Hibar Systems Ltd. and UniControls Singapore Pte. Ltd. have successfully partnered together to provide clients in Southeast Asia better dispensing pumps. The two companies helped in the development and continued success of the industry.