Valentine Ideas: Handmade Rings

Hand made Ring


As Valentine’s Day approach and you think it is romantic to propose on this day, then you should start looking for the right engagement ring now. If you are currently in a bind on what engagement ring to get for your partner or still do not have enough money saved to get a ring with a big diamond on it, know that this is not an uncommon problem and that diamonds will not have an effect on your partner’s decision as to say yes or not to your wedding proposal. Girls will tell you that instead of looking at the engagement ring designs, they are more carried away by the effort that their partners gave in proposing to them and of course, their true feelings for the guys.

If you really want to pop the big question on February 14th so it makes Valentine’s Day all the more special, and cannot wait for you to be committed to the girl of your dreams, know that an engagement ring is important, only if it comes from the heart. If you do not have the money yet, you can even make your own handmade ring. The girl of your dreams will even swoon from the idea that you actually made the ring, showing how important she is to you.  A guy who hand-forged his own wedding ring out of a meteorite and sincerely proposed to the girl with all his heart is likely to score a yes that a guy who just buy a diamond ring and cockily expects the girl to say yes because of the hefty price tag attached to the ring.

It is just right that you sweat over the engagement ring that you plan to give to your partner. After all, this ring symbolizes a lot regarding your relationship. First, it is a sign that you are both now mature enough to commit to each other. It symbolizes the fact that even though there are no formal documents yet and wedding plans have yet to be made, you already consider each other as an integral component one another’s future.

The engagement ring also symbolizes that even though the wedding might be months away or even years away, you already consider each other as partner for life.

One day you’ll both look back and look at your engagement rings with pride and love, because they signified that brave step you both take to commit to each other.  You will still get wedding rings and wedding bands, and they will be both important rings in your relationship, but the engagement rings are as important as these rings. The day that both of you decided to get married to each other is as important as the day of your wedding itself.