What are the Popular Mole Removal Treatments?

Perhaps it is safe to say that you are one weird person if you don’t have any mole in you. According to research, a person can have 10-40 moles by time he reaches adulthood. Moles are the result of melantocytes (a type of cell) growing in clusters instead of spreading throughout the skin. These cells are the ones responsible for the pigmentation of the skin.

Moles vary in color and sizes but most of the time, they are either brown or black and doesn’t grow any larger than a size of a pencil eraser. However, there are still moles that are an exception to these general descriptions—but that doesn’t automatically mean that they are cancerous. Better have it checked to make sure. These are the type of things that you would want to get professional advice.

While there are moles that serve as an iconic representation of a person, such as that of Marilyn Monroe, there are others who opt for its removal, like Latin pop star Enrique Iglesias. For those who are opting to go the Enrique Iglesias’ way of treating moles, then this list will be very insightful for you.

From the old literal cutting off of the mole to the present-day laser mole removal procedure, we’ve indeed come a long way in terms of achieving the way we wanted to look. As for mole removal, here are some of the options that you might want to contemplate on:

  • Surgery (Excision with Stitches / Excision with Cauterization)

Since this is categorized as a surgical procedure, an anesthetic is needed before administering any of the two. The difference between the two procedure lies on how the doctor shall treat the ‘space’ emptied by the mole. For the cauterization, an electric device shall be used to stop the bleeding after the mole has been cut-off. As for the other, as the name suggests, the doctor would need to stitch the area in order to patch the gap.

  • Mole Removal Cream

Not entirely as effective as surgery, the use of mole removal cream is one of the popular and budget-friendly option out there. Although beware for most these creams tend to affect not just your target mole, but your skin as well. Due to the nature on how this type of cream works, they have a high tendency to cause damage to your skin.

  • Laser Removal

Laser mole removal is one of the recent advancements in the field. Similar to the surgical methods, this procedure would also require the use of anesthetics in order to numb the part to be treated. The laser is used to excise the pigmentation in the mole. And with the help of normal body process, the pigment is then cleared away by natural hearing process. And because this is somewhat like a scratch, a scab will form on the treated area, but it will eventually fall of.