What are the Top Western Food Restaurants in Singapore?

There’s something about western food that is absolutely irresistible. Western food is usually equated with comfort food, and no wonder! With generous ingredients bursting with flavor, it is no wonder so many foodies are leaning towards western tastes–and restaurants have followed suit.

Thankfully, this city is home to a very vibrant food scene that is worth exploring! Whether it’s Asian food, European food or Western food in Singapore that you’re hunting for, you will definitely find something to suit the palate of the foodie in you. So many restaurants now serve all types of dishes, from vibrant breakfast food, to the juiciest steaks, to the homiest of southern cooking. Western food encompasses so much—from American cooking to European fine dining and everything in between. This means you also get to try ingredients that are not normally found in Singapore, as restaurants and hole-in-the-walls import or make from scratch some of the ingredients used in making a variety of these dishes to make it authentic!

Whether you’re on a budget or ready to burn some cash, you will definitely be able to taste good food if you know where to look. Here are some western food restaurant you can try in Singapore.

CUT by Wolfgang Puck
Considered one of the absolute best restaurants in Singapore, CUT has gained a loyal following because of excellent food, excellent service and an ambience that will remind you of New York. Their specialty is, of course, steak. Their selection of cuts is from Australia to Japan to the USA. However, if your budget allows, just go all out and get the Wagyu – you won’t regret it. Steak prices range from $72 all the way to $250+.

Hummerstons is a western food restaurant known for it’s hearty weekend brunch. Try options like the Truffle Scrambled Eggs ($25) and Eggs Gloria ($20) with goat’s cheese spinach and mushrooms. What’s recommended to get on a weekend morning, though, is the Hummerstons Breakfast–eggs your way, two large streaks of bacon, a juicy smoked pork and garlic sausage, roasted mushrooms, grilled tomato, toast and a few asparagus stalks.

Salads & Wraps
Looking for a handheld type of western food? Sanwiches and wraps are the way to go! People come in droves to this shop in Tanjong Pagar to get a taste of their healthy but filling yummies. Try the Tropical Chicken Wrap which has grilled chicken peppers, onions, cheese and mango chutney. Yum!

Club Street Social
Club Street Social is a chic restaurant/bar which does simple and well-made food — such as all day breakfast, salad, soup, crostini, tramezzini, panini — at very reasonable prices. You might find your next favourite salad and soup combo here!