What is Gun Drilling Machine For?

Do you know what a gun drilling machine is?

A gun drilling machine is a mechanism used in the process of gun drilling. It is used to produce deep, straight holes in a variety of materials may it be concrete, wood or metal. Also known as the drill press, the gun drilling machine can also be used in other operations apart from drilling such as countersinking, boring, counter-boring, spot facing, reaming and tapping.

Gun drilling machines were initially developed for the purpose of manufacturing guns and armaments. It was used to drill gun barrels, hence, the name. Throughout time, other industries also saw the potential of this tool. Nowadays, a lot of industries such as energy, oil and gas use gun drilling machines for resource exploration. It is also useful in the metal cutting industries, automotive, aircraft, and petro-chemical industries. Gun drilling mechanisms are also found useful even in the medical field.

What set the gun drilling machines to other types of drilling mechanisms is its use of unique head geometry. Because of this, the gun drilling machine is known to produce fine quality drilling compared to other types of drilling machines.

Further, the gun drilling machine uses high pressure coolant system and an excellent quality of drills, usually utilizing a single or double flute. The high pressure coolant system aids in ensuring the excellent quality of the drilling.

The gun drilling machine is mainly composed of a drill tip, a flute, and a driver. The drill tip can be extruded in sticks or can be formed from a specific manufacturer to obtain a designated size. Selection of a drill tip is very crucial to the operations of the drilling system. The flute and the driver can also be customized to your preferred state.

Here is how a gun drill operates: the drill is positioned and held in a spindle nose. It is then guided to a pre-started hole to avoid vibration of the drill. With this setup, the gun drill system operates in full accuracy. The high pressure coolant system inherent in the drill flushes the chips and lubricates the system. This operation produces the fine finish and burnished surface of the drilling.

In using a gun drilling machine, safety precautions and guidelines must be observed at all times. As with all power equipment, no matter how experienced you are, there are still threats that you must think beforehand. To avoid the risks, a person handling a drilling machine must wear the correct and appropriate working clothes in using a gun drilling machine. An appropriate uniform lessens the possibility and threat of an accident. Also, be mindful of the correct procedures of using the machine.