What is Storage Space Rental?

storage space for rent

Someone must be really clever to have thought of storage space for rent, to ease the burden of skyrocketing real estate prices, allowing everyone to keep their not-so-urgent necessities and precious mementos. So what really inspired the surge of storage space rental? Industry experts say that the main reason people need extra storage space is from the 4 D’s which are: Death, Divorce, Downsizing, and Dislocation. Dislocation means moving to a new place because of jobs or marriage. At least one of these D’s are inevitable parts of life, and the need for extra storage space would help in all material possessions when the need arises.



Although there is no historical evidence of when the idea of storage space rental came into existence, it was noted that the first modern self-storage facility that tenants have exclusive access to was found in Fort Lauderdale, Florida in 1958. In the 90’s, the growth of the self-storage facilities boomed in the USA, and inspired the same development towards many countries worldwide.


How does it work?

Storage space rental in Singapore is typically used to keep all sorts of things—from clothing, to shoes, to books, figurines, sports equipment, luggage, appliances, kitchen and household goods, furniture, and almost everything else that you can imagine. Unless stipulated in the vendor’s rules and regulations, there really aren’t much restrictions on what to store on the space that you are renting, unless of course, if it’s threatening to the property or to other tenants.


Different Kinds of Storage Facilities

Aside from storage space for personal belongings, warehouse storage space for rent in Singapore is also widely available for businesses needing to store substantial amounts of their products. Rental duration is usually on a monthly basis, but some providers offer renting out a space for a minimum of two weeks, though those leased on a long-term basis can incur a good discount for the customer. Most storage facilities offer boxes, locks, packaging materials, and other added safety features to assist their tenants and ensure that their goods are securely well-kept. Some storage space rental providers offer the service of delivering their specially-designed boxes to the home of the tenant, allowing the tenant to fill up the box, and picking up the box when it is ready to be stored. This saves a lot of time for the tenant, taking away the hassle of travel time and transporting boxes onto carts and into the storage site.
In this generation, practicality is the best way to live; to cut costs on unnecessary things, and pour everything else into priorities and savings. Renting a storage space definitely saves you a lot of time and money, at the same time giving you that peace of mind so you can enjoy more of life.