What You Need to Know About Overseas Book Printing?

overseas book printing

Many authors, publishers, and photographers want to have their works printed in the highest quality possible to entice their audience and build their names in the industry.

For many, overseas book printing is the ultimate solution as numerous printing companies in Asia are priced more reasonably and produce better quality results than those of their counterparts elsewhere.

The entire printing process in average will take about 6 to 8 weeks, depending on the amount of the print job requested. If you intend to have it delivered directly to your audience, it might take a little more.

Printing companies should always involve you in every step, most especially in decision-making, give you a rough estimate of the turnaround time, and inform you of customs procedures in the country where it will be printed and the countries where it will be delivered.


Process When Having Your Book Printed Out Overseas


  1. Acquisition and Agreement

After content creation, it’s now time for the publisher to communicate with the printing company and agree on certain specifications and guidelines. As a publisher, the first step is finding out what is important to you. Is it getting books for the lowest price possible, the quickest turnaround time, the highest quality prints, or getting a printing company to handle everything from printing to delivery to the end-users? Whatever it is, choose a printing company on what their specialisation is, based on your desired outcome.


  1. Designing

Once you have decided on all the specifications of your book, you will need to start designing it. The overseas book printing company could help you craft a design with the skill of their own designer, or you may send your own design for your cover or specific pages.


  1. Proofing

The publisher will present you with a dummy book showing you how your book will look and feel like when handled. Depending on the printing company, they will be giving allowance from a few days to about a maximum of 4 weeks for corrections and modifications, until the look of your book is perfected.


  1. Blueprint

The draft or blueprint of your book’s content is showed to you. This is to ensure that the positioning of the text, art, and pagination is correct. This step will take about less than a week to be completed.


  1. Printing

Once the publisher has approved the content, design, and drafts, it is now time for production! Book printing usually takes less than one week, in average.


  1. Binding and Packing

After printing, binding and packing will take an additional week on average, to be accomplished.


  1. Advanced Copies Are Sent

Depending on the agreement between the two parties, a printing company usually sends out the first few copies to the publisher, just for them to get a hold of their work a little bit earlier than the distributors. This falls only a few days before the main package containing all the books are sent.


  1. All Copies are Sent Out for Delivery

Shortly after the advanced copies are sent, the complete package of books will be shipped to the specified destination. In some cases, there are printing companies who take care of all the procedures from production, storage, to delivery—not only to the distributors but to the end-user itself. To save costs that incur during storage and sending your work to a retailer or distributor, you might want to take a look into those printing companies that offer fulfilment services.


  1. Customs Clearing

All the paper work to go into Customs clearing from the country of origin to the country of destination will be dealt with by the overseas book printing company. There might be certain rules to abide such as displaying where the book was printed on one of the book’s pages. It would really depend on your printing company, but ideally, they should have already stipulated these regulations to you before even signing an agreement, so that everything will go smoothly come release date.


  1. Delivery to Your Designated Address

Expect your book to arrive shortly and reach you and your audience. Delight in every page of your hard work!

No one can ever beat the price and quality that printing companies in Asia can offer, especially those from Singapore, a first-world country where exceptional quality is the norm for all kinds of products and services. What’s more is that you can easily communicate with Singapore overseas book printing companies as they are well-versed in English and in legal customs practices, and are most likely experienced in handling big print orders from multinational corporations. With the present-day reality of lower labour costs in Asia matched with superior talent, you surely are getting the best value for your investment when publishing books in Singapore.