Where to Buy Wedding Bands in Singapore

Getting married is one of the most exciting things to ever happen in a person’s life! After the engagement ring has been presented and fawned over, it’s now time to take care of the details of wedding planning. There are so many things to look into—the catering, the venue, the church, the outfits, the seating—but the one thing you and your future spouse should take time to look into seriously are the wedding bands.


Wedding bands are the token symbol of your eternal commitment to your spouse. So many jewellery stores sell wedding bands in Singapore, which is why it can be a little bit overwhelming to choose from the variety! However, a reputable jeweller can help you choose quality pieces that will stand the test of time. A good rule of thumb is to choose something classic that you both won’t mind looking at every day for the next thirty or so years. Choose according to your budget, according to what speaks to both of you as a couple, and something that is durable. In the end, remember that a wedding band is a mere symbol and that the real union happens with your commitment to each other.


Want to check out wedding bands in Singapore? Check out these top jewellers.


H Sena Jewellery

H Sena is one of the most established names in jewellery. It is a family business that has grown from generation to generation to become one of the go-to places for wedding bands in Singapore. With nearly a hundred years of experience in providing fine, timeless pieces, they use only the highest-quality precious metals and the most flawless gemstones for their exquisite jewellery. Their specialty includes dreaming up and providing customers with gorgeous options for both wedding bands and engagement rings. If you prefer to have an engagement ring of your own design made, just head on over to H Sena and they will be able to assist you with the centrepiece of your most perfect proposal ever.


Poh Heng Jewellery Singapore

Want only the best in 22k gold? Poh Heng carries Oro22 jewellery that is pure gold at its finest. You will have an easy time finding a classic gold engagement ring and wedding band to go with it. In fact, their list is so extensive that your lady love might end up buying her wedding jewellery from Poh Heng too!


SK Jewellery

SK Jewellery is another established brand of jewellery in Singapore. Touting themselves as fashion-forward, friendly and fresh, this relatively new business offers price-friendly yet stylish jewellery to please anyone. Their diamonds are sourced from Belgium, with a team of gemmologists appraising them one by one to ensure quality and value for money. Besides engagement and wedding jewellery, they also offer various types of jewellery for all occasions, like Mothers’ Day, Valentine’s Day, and others.