Where to Purchase Affordable Flowers in Singapore?

Flowers are the best kind of gift you can give to anyone. In an age where everyone is so hi-tech, it is refreshing to receive a gift that is both traditional and thoughtful. Whether it’s in a bouquet or in an arrangement, picking flowers to give as a gift shows effort on the part of the sender—something that will not go unnoticed by the recipient.

The good news is there are a number of suppliers you can choose from. If you’re looking for a florist shop in Singapore that can cater to your specifications, you need not look far: there are now so many suppliers online that will deliver the best quality blooms right where you want them.

Here is where you can purchase great flowers in Singapore even when on a budget.

Hilton Gifts Collections
Hilton Gifts Collections is one of the most reputable florists in Singapore. Established in 1996, it is known for its over 700 creative floral arrangements made with top-quality flowers. It is also more than just a florist shop in Singapore. They also have gifts that you can give for birthdays, anniversaries or holidays. Hilton Gifts is also very experienced in handling flowers for various events. They have experienced handling new born blessings, Lunar New Year celebrations, Christmas parties, Valentine flowers and others, apart from the usual weddings and baptisms. With all these, it is easy to see that Hilton Gifts is a good choice of supplier for all your floral needs. As a bonus, it has a very complete website so you can order online with ease!

Angel Florist

Angel Florist is a supplier that will tickle your bloom-loving fancy. Choose from their wide variety of bouquets consisting of flowers of all sorts and colors. If you want to go the extra mile, they also offer elegant flower arrangements in vases, ready to be received. You can even add a teddy bear, wine, chocolates or cake to your floral arrangement to make it even more special! They deliver in Singapore for any holiday, and is one florist you can count on.

Roses Only

Sometimes, you can say all you need to say with roses, and this florist has lots of them! Roses Only, is, as the name suggests, a supplier of the best roses in Singapore. Choose from a wide variety of colors, from the traditional red and white to more unusual ones like orange and pink-tipped roses. They can package roses for you based on any occasion, even if it’s a birthday or a corporate giveaway.  They can even help you pop the question to your special someone with their proposal bouquets! And yes, they do deliver, so you can sit back and relax.