Why Skyline Residences is a Good Investment this 2016


Many dream to live in skyline residences and dreams do come true. High-rise condominiums, such as this one, and other types of dwelling places are continuously being built in Singapore due to the increasing demand from families and individuals of different backgrounds who want to acquire their own property. But why do most people prefer living in a condominium rather than, let’s say, an HDB flat or landed property? One of the reasons is that they know it’s a good investment because of the following benefits:

Low Maintenance

Owning a condominium unit means you don’t have to clean as much as other people do in a big house. You get to own just the right amount of space; not too big and not too small, which helps you balance your time and effort between keeping your space perfectly clean and living your life to the fullest. Needing to spend too much time maintaining your household is like added work that can pull you away from more important things in life like spending time with family and friends or exercising to keep up a healthy lifestyle. Living in a condominium is the place to be for a work-life balance.

Good Price

Singapore condos for sale are more affordable than any other type of dwelling places that are also available in the country. Think about the prestigious benefits of acquiring a condominium unit for yourself or your family. Moreover, you never have to worry about hidden costs and shocking bill statements because the price is always upfront. So feel free to create a budget plan and surely you’d be able to stick to it.

Peaceful Neighbours

Out of hundreds and thousands of people who want to live in this high-rise development, only a selected few can reside here. It’s going to be a small world that you’d be able to get to know your neighbours if you want to. What’s more is that everyone is expected to follow the rules in order to maintain the peace and order within the premises. Isn’t this the ideal neighbourhood?


When a condominium rises, so do restaurants, shopping malls, supermarkets, boutique shops, cafes, pubs, and so on. This means that you no longer have to drive a car in order to go to these establishments because they are already situated near the skyline residences. All you have to do is go down the elevator, exit the building, and walk a few steps towards the establishments. Very convenient, right?


Similar to the country’s asset, Singapore condos for sale provide you with maximum security. From security guards to surveillance cameras, you name it and they got it. This is truly one of those benefits that you can’t get anywhere else and even if you do, it wouldn’t be as good of a deal as this.


Enjoy the luxury of swimming in the pool, sunbathing under the sun, or even lifting some weights in the gym. These are just some of the amenities that condominiums offer. If you think you’re going to like living in a place where you can enjoy these things, be our guest.

If you acquire a condominium property, these are six of the benefits you can receive promptly. To be quite frank, good investments like this are hard to come by most especially when the demand among other consumers is high. So what are you waiting for? 2016 is ready for you.