Why You Should Seriously Consider Buying Property in Thailand

property in thailand

More often than not, foreigners come to Thailand for vacation. This is no longer surprising though given the number of beautiful beaches and landscapes this country has to offer. There are even travellers who find themselves returning to experience both the wonderful nature and vibrant culture again and again.

This is also one reason why foreigners eventually consider buying property in Thailand. It’s hard not to fall in love with it. Maybe you should consider making this investment too. After all, it offers several benefits. Let’s talk more of that on this post.

Saving on rent, owning your own place instead

The holiday vacation eventually turns into an annual tradition. If you cannot stop yourself from visiting Thailand, say you’ve already made friends with locals and expats alike, then chances are those trips already last for more than a week each. Your travels may even last a month or longer.

Every time, you’re paying for rent. Those expenses could add up quickly depending where you are staying. If you are looking for another form of investment so you can diversify your portfolio, you might as well skip the rent and purchase your own property instead.

After buying property Thailand foreigner like you will no longer have to look for a place to stay in when you’re coming over.

Enjoying extra income

You probably would like to earn extra money which you can use for your stay in Thailand or for your travels to neighbouring countries. Getting your own Thailand property investment can help you with this. You can have your home rented when you’re out, or even when you’re right there.


The home probably has more than one bedroom, which means you can have the rest rented out. Rental fee is always an ideal stream of income because you do not have to work hard or spend all your time on it. It comes even when you’re on the go. It can even get bigger when you’re not around as you are able to welcome more tenants, temporary or long term.


Finally, having a second home

A backpacker’s inn or high end hotels are both great accommodation options. However, at the end of the day, they’re not home. There are rules you need to follow. Foreigners decide to get their own Thailand investment property because they want a place that they can make their own.


They would no longer have to deal with landlords and other occupants. They can have the property customised – designed or adorned whichever way they want to. You can even add a touch of your original home to make it feel more familiar, more personalized.


But most important, it’s that feeling of privacy that you get to enjoy. If you do not feel sharing the place with someone else, you can temporarily close it for renting. You do not have to worry about walking in to find other people already sleeping, and hence limiting movements or activities you want to get done. You do not have to force yourself to talk to others out of respect. You could be alone.


These reasons lure foreigners to delve into a property investment in Thailand. Perhaps something you should seriously consider too?