4 Tips to Balancing Work and School

When you are trying to do your studies properly and bring in a little bit of money alongside, it can be a tough gig. Unfortunately, most employers are not interested in your school issues – they need you at work and they need you delivering. By the same token, your studies demand that you pull effort and concentration into them, no matter what.

This means that creating a balance between work and school can instantly become a nigh-on impossible task. However, following these key rules will help you manage both your work and your education at once;


Keep Everything In Order

The last thing you need when you go to sleep at night is a head full of stress. A worried mind will not work at full capacity, and going to bed wondering what your day is going to hold is never good. Try and organize your entire week, from study blocks to rest around shifts in work. You need to strike a balance and the best way to do that is by creating a rigid weekly plan so that you have definition to the week ahead.



We may said that your boss does not care about your studies, but that does not mean to say that they will be unreasonable all the time. Try communicating with your college lecturers and your work supervisors that you are trying to balance things. Letting everybody know you are trying to live two lives at once may help you get some more time to actually be productive and learn. A boss will not be happy with you missing work, but most companies are happy with shift swaps if you need a specific night for work.


Find A Stress-Free Activity

If you are trying to create more time in your schedule, then adding something else is not going to help. However, having a good activity you can go to for fun and a change of mental scenery is important. Thinking about work or school all the time is going to burn you out, so try and find some time every day for something you truly enjoy. This will help you manage the hard times better.


Other Tips

Part time degree courses can be much easier to handle if you are also working. If you cannot turn down employment because of financial needs or commitments, then perhaps moving from full-time to part-time education could be for you.

It may take you a little longer to get everything completed, but it can quickly take away feelings of helplessness or endless repetition when you are trying to get things done. Less days actively involved in either work or education are more days that you should be resting and enjoying your time.


Being able to manage the stress is the most important thing, but having some time for yourself can make life much easier, too.